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Thread: We have visitors, 2 borderline collies. Stray. Joined us at 8am.

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    Default We have visitors, 2 borderline collies. Stray. Joined us at 8am.

    On my walk with the hounds this morning, we found a pair of border collies, out on their own for a stroll to the lake.
    Its hot already here.
    So when it was time for us to leave, the 2 collies came too. Pohm thought the visitors were marvelous, and took them straight away to the paddling pool to play, but they were'nt into paddling pools cept for a drink.
    Bernie moaned a fair bit, miffed at yet another 2 dogs coming onto the property. But behaving himself, whilst he moaned about it.
    Brian had come straight in from walk, and gone to the best bed, to nab it first. So hadnt realised that the 2 dogs were with us, or had noticed, but didnt care?
    I had made sure id closed the gates on way home, so dogs were all contained. All 5 having fun playing back from lake, soaking wet zoomies. Must say, i was in awe of the agility of the bc's, who run rings around bernie, who was screaming trying to catch the little beggars lol.
    So there's a lot of noise n fun going on, when their owner comes jogging up the track, looking anxious, i let him in the gate to take his dogs home, and he wouldnt come in? His 2 dogs, have run and greeted, and have gone back to playing zoomies n showing off their new friends to the owner. Who wont come in, coz he's scared. And instead of thank you, i get.....
    I didnt realise these were pet dogs, i thought they were guard dogs, they look viscous WTF

    Did he bring a lead? no. So i gave him some rope to cut in half.
    as he left, he took a couple of steps, turned and said, oh, thanks for keeping them safe.
    ah well, he got there in the end i suppose.

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    I'm thinking what's a borderline collie? Phone auto correct?

    Or dog with owner with unpredictable moods? or one that likes to live on the border?

    Glad the story worked out for the best. People are so breedist - I might have avoided coming into a yard with a DDB because of the slobber factor. Depends if they were acting friendly. Cattle dogs are reknown for allowing the thief in, all friendly like, then not letting the thief leave...

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    WoW 'bernie' - very impressed that you were able to 'hold your tongue' - am not sure I would have been able to !

    People and their attitudes never cease to amaze me !

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