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Thread: Do you watch it?

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    I agree with the others. I stayed with my Dobe until she was gone, for all the reasons mentioned above - she was the most loyal dog and would have stayed beside me no matter what. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I managed to hold the emotions in check until I could get the hell outa there. It was heartbreaking, but the least I could do for her. Tearing up now, 15 yrs later, just thinking about it, but I wouldn't change a thing.

    Thinking of you MDD, at this tough time.

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    I sty and hold but only because I can. If I knew I would break down and worry them even more I would have to leave because to my mind the easiest way for the pet emotionally is the best way.

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    We've always been there for them at the end...wouldn't have it any other way. I've lost two of my girls in the last two could I not be with them holding and patting them.
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    I'd like to say I'd stay and be with them till the end - not sure about watching that just seems just a little off to me. I don't like watching needles in me or the dog tho. I'm usually watching the bitey end on behalf of the vet - so I get just as surprised as my dog when the vet says "she's really good about having her temp taken" - you did WHAT to my dog without warning me? And there's my dog looking a bit surprised and cats bum face but putting up with it standing still.

    With needles in me - I always look the other way - so I can't anticipate the pain - which is never as bad as I think it would be.

    As for the end. I've had two opportunities to do that and failed both times. It's coming round the anniversary of mum putting her dog (which she always called my sister's dog) to sleep and she picked my birthday to ring me for help and I told her to ring my brother - who did the right thing. He's always been much more comfortable with killing than I am.

    And when my dad was dying, I was sitting with him when he stopped breathing for a bit, and I told him to get going again - because I couldn't handle him dying when I was there. And he did. Eventually he died when everyone was asleep (there were three of us in the house with him) so he wasn't alone but nobody was awake to tell him to keep going either.

    Hopefully when it comes time for "evil hound" I will suck it up and do the right thing by her and stick with the bitey end to the end.

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    I've failed twice aswell...... first time i was a young fella and couldnt deal with it. My dad did the deed, so 'Storm' wasnt alone.

    2nd time i was in such a panic i rang the vet... and 'Scooby' passed away in the 60 odd seconds i wasnt holding him. Almost like he did it so i wouldnt see. I regret how it happened with both my boys who are now gone.

    I'd like to think i can man up and be there for the goofs. It'll be messy. I couldnt even organise my last dogs cremation without breaking down. Lump in my throat just thinking about it now.

    I sure a $h!t wont be watching any needle go in though. I cant watch anything like that even on TV. Never fainted or passed out though.... i just dont want to see such things.

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