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Thread: My Dog The Paradox

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    Default My Dog The Paradox

    I am on holiday so have time as is clearly evident by my
    Sean will like this..heheh

    My dog - the paradox - Sarcastic Charm

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    Ya know what ... i laughed most of the way through that and and at the end it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Every night i hear that big goof (the inside one ...sooky Mojo) as he stares at me till i wake up and we do the same routine... get out of bed, open the back door , wait till he has a pee and a drink , then watch him walk in and drool the water he just drank all over my feet , then back to bed for both of us. Sometimes he just stands there and watches the bloody stars.....and i get a bit cranky at him for waking me up for nothing.

    Heck.....we get 8 years if i'm lucky......if the big fella wants to look at the bloody stars at midnight then it's the least i can do. Why do humans get about 80 years and dogs about 10? Not fair hey ?!?!..

    Anyway, its that 10 or so years of pure shenanigans ... that make it all worth while.

    I now understand dog years .... no human could manage 7 years of that much fun, love and devotion in just 1.

    Thanks for sharing that Farrview. Made my night reading that.

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    farrview, that's so bang on the mark. i laughed, and yes, became sadened, knowing time is running out for 1 of mine. but that's still some lovin this paradox time
    and hearing that sean gets up to let mojo look at the stars < brownie points gallore mate!

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