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Thread: Chicken Skin

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    If chicken skin causes blockages in your dog there is something seriously wrong with it physically. A dog is an animal designed to digest bones, organs, muscle and pass out what is indigestible like the fur.

    Are we that brainwashed by pet food companies that we question raw at all turns, yet never question what we take from a tin or packet?

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    I don't put anything into my kitchen bin that my dog would want to dig out of it. She's quite reluctant to go into the flip top bin since she tried that when she was a puppy and it bit her. But chicken skin or meat scraps would be too much temptation. And I don't want her to learn she can steal stuff out of the bin.

    If you must put meat scraps in there, may be put the bin under the sink and a child proof catch on the cupboard door or similar. My scraps go out to the sulo bin that she has not worked out how to get into and as best I can tell the smell is not as tempting as nose level kitchen bins. If she did ever tip the sulo bin over, I would put it out the front so she couldn't get to it.

    As for what kelpies and other dogs can get into - just google "counter surfing" and click on images. You really don't want your dog learning how to do this kind of stuff cos it's really hard to stop something so self-rewarding.

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