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    Hi, does anyone have any experience with the Pingg String dog barrier fence. We are trying to deter dog from getting into slightly raised garden beds and destroying everything in there.

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    Hi 'whirlwind' and to the forum !

    Ping fences and electronic collars are not legal in all states in Australia.

    Is the use of electronic dog collars legal? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    I find teaching pups the commands like - leave it - to work really well ! What have you tried ?

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    I find close supervision of my dog - the first few times she goes out with the new garden bed works well. And it also helps if there is somewhere in the garden she is allowed to dig, like under the westringia.

    She likes to help in the garden but respects the limits I sent on when and where. But I don't have a dog door.

    She will dig if mum puts blood and bone out. But putting dog poops in the holes helps stop that. Won't stop dogs that don't mind eating their own dog poop tho. (Feed those ones a little bit of pineapple and pumpkin).

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    Im a little perplexed why the stim is 10 x that of a static zap? Dogs have amazing tactile senses, a much under utilised communication tool to my way of thinking. hence one of mine works for chest rubs.
    A little training will go a long way. the fencing seems a little extreme for flowers?

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