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Thread: Dog wants to play but does the Elk ?

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    Default Dog wants to play but does the Elk ?

    What do ya's reckon ??

    Thats a long way to run away then head back chasing the dog who's clearly running away (but wanting to get chased).
    I'm no expert but by the end of this vid i reckon the Elk's enjoying this game.

    If not, i'd love to know why its not possible for a another animal to interact and have fun with a dog...epecially a dog like this one who is clearly enjoying every minute of this. - Bull Elk and Dog at Play ..... or is the Elk Warning the Dog ?

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    ‘Sean’ – I am on the fence with your video as to whether they are friends or not !

    I really like to have a fair bit more information before making a decision as to whether they were friends playing or not ! The Elk seemed very young !

    Now this one - Friends ?

    Bestest Buddies: Orangutan and Hound Dog (must see!) - YouTube

    Just because the hound-dog has long ears and looks like a bit like a G...P - has nothing to do with me putting up this link !

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    I saw this today on liveleak (great site) Chloe was on the floor next to me...when the GSD started barking she jumped up looked around and ran to the front door trying to see were the dog was...silly girl.
    Chloe & Zorro
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    Well, I know nothing about elk, but this animal looks like it's playing to me. The bouncy prancy thing reminded my of fawns, calves, even foals at play. I think if he was defending territory he wouldn't have kept running away but would have stood his ground aggressively. I've seen footage of them stamping their front feet, even rearing slightly and stomping both front feet as though trying to trample the threat when they are defending themselves or territory.

    But that's a guess at best, was interesting....

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    Some more odd couples !

    Kate & Pippin videos:

    isobel springett - YouTube

    Bubbles and Bella videos:

    Elephant and Dog - Bubbles and Bella Best Friends - YouTube

    Tara and Bella videos:

    Dog & Elephant friends (CBS Evening News, 2009-01-02) - YouTube
    Just looooove elephants ! Shame my yard is just not big enough !

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