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Thread: Want to adopt them all!!!

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    Unhappy Want to adopt them all!!!

    I blame ChubbSecurity for getting me on to Pet Rescue, now I keep finding adorable bulldogs, but one the are interstate and two my OH has clearly stated he was a puppy first time to find it easier to bond with.

    But look at this widdle face *sob* I wanna jump in the car right now, drive to WA and not stop til he's back safe home with me....

    Jack - Medium Male British Bulldog in WA - PetRescue

    So now I just keep tormenting myself by scrolling through the bulldog listings and feeling like bursting into tears that they all can't come and live with me.

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    How cool is Jack. Heck i'd drive to WA for that smooshy face too. Damn he needs a big hug !!

    Tell your other half that i bonded with my Bronxy after just a few hours and he was about 18 months old.

    This is the reason i dont like going to pound or rescues......cuts me up i cant take all them home with me.

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    I have owned dogs from puppies (bought off the breeder) and rescue dogs from adults and must say, I will never, ever get a dog from anywhere other than a rescue again. I think that rescue dogs are so much more thankful, greatful and even more loyal because they know what a bad life is and they know what a fantastic life is. We got Meika as an adult and I have bonded with her more than any other dog I've ever owned, she is so loyal and is my shadow. We were able to let her off-leash from the first day of owning her and she has had perfect recall and gives you the most loving looks. I had a friend (a vet) who I haven't seen in a few years come over last week and she commented that she had never seen animals and their owner look so bonded as I am with mine (all rescues - 2 dogs, 1 cat). I think a lot of people stay away from rescues because they think they won't bond as well etc but I think they bond even more!!

    I think I remember you saying you were eventually going to get 2 dogs? Maybe try buying one from a breeder and rescuing the other - that way you get a puppy and you get to save a life

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    OH said if you really want him we can go to WA but i dont think they do inter state adoptions because it looks like they want to view your property.

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    Lol, I am most happy to accept all the blame here, also I am sure that Kristy would gladly share it with me.

    I am glad (sort of) to see that you are finding pure bred dogs in rescue. They are not all bitsa's as some believe.

    The bonding thing of raising your own pup is an Urban Myth.
    As Kristy said a rescue dog will bond with you very quickly, I know this to be true.

    If you do up a nice application and send good photos of your home, yard, bedding and toys that you have already purchased
    Also you have done a lot of research, maybe reference some resources you have studied.

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    My bitsy dawgs

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    Oh gosh, I just want to smoosh his gorgeous little face!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I too believed that a rescue wouldn't bond as much with us. It's rubbish. We got our first dog when he was 10 weeks old and our second one was a 2 yo rescue girl. They're both bonded very well with us and with each other. She took longer though. If you get a rescue, don't get discouraged if things don't fall into place immediately. I recently read that a lot of rescues are being returned because many people have unrealistic expectations on how quickly their new pooches should settle in.

    I can confirm this... it was well over 6 months until our Roxy really relaxed around us and sometimes this time was incredibly frustrating. But things continue to fall into place - it just happens in slow motion Looking back I'd say it was fully worth it. It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done to help this little girl come out of her shell. It was a big day when she felt confident enough to wag her tail for the first time! Now, when she looks at us with shiny eyes and a happy face it makes me feel really proud and happy what a long way she has come from that timid and miserable little thing she was.

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    When we rescued Hooch, all we had to do was show the lady photos of my house, backyard. That was enough.
    I will never ever buy a dog, so many poor little souls need a home. It taught my son a wonderful lesson in life too.
    It made me feel a little bit less selfish because I saved a critter that otherwise would have been killed.

    We got Hooch when he was already big - he was 6-9 months old. I was scared of him when I first saw him.
    We had to drive home after adopting him, hubby was driving, son was at the front and I was stuck with Hooch at the back.
    He was so petrified of being in a car he literally sat on top of me the whole way. I don't think I was breathing. By the time we got home I was in love.
    You bond with them no matter their size or even breed. You bond with them because each one of those dogs are a whole world of goodness waiting to be given to you.
    You will never regret adopting, it is such an amazing experience that keeps on giving.

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    Yes know how you Chloe was on Pet Rescue. She was dumped in the pound at 6 mths of age and saved by GSD Rescue who advertised her on Pet Rescue.

    Chloe was 7.5 mths when we got her...she had never been in a house...walked on a lead and was most likely kept outside by herself without toys because she'd never seen a tennis ball or a kong or a chew rope and never been in a car either . Being young I thought she'd bond with us in no time...but it took 6 mths which surprised me. Chloe is very strong willed and quite a handful...most likely the reason she was dumped...and much wilder than my GSD Tara was.

    Chloe is now 20 mths old and improving all the time she is very Intelligent...loving and loyal. I was told it's much harder to train a rescue than a puppy and I agree because you can't expect a dog that's never been taught anything to learn it all overnight...especially when the dog's background is not know...the first time I took her to the vet she wouldn't go in the door...I had to drag her in...then she bit the vet...the reason for this she was scared. Chloe use to nip me and pinch me with her teeth and playbite really hard which hurt and she did this often..makes me think of puppies who do this till their mother teaches them not to...maybe Chloe was taken away from her mother too soon. When I say to Chloe..."are you being a good girl" and her tail's all been worth it.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    Hi Dogman, so happy Chloe is improving. Hooch is the opposite when it comes to biting.
    He didn't even make it to the shelter as it was full. He has a scar around his muzzle looking like a fishing line was tied very tightly around it that it cut through his skin.
    We don't know what he went through but can only imagine it was horrific.
    Hooch NEVER bites on purpose. Not us and not another dog. I don't know how - even when he plays, his teeth never touch our skin! it never ceases to amaze me.
    I had a GSD who used to use us as his chew toy lol (he was from a breeder, my parents got him when I was a kid).
    I guess with any adoption you never know what you get but you fall in love and then no matter what comes your way - you still feel lucky because they bring so much happiness to your life.

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