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Thread: old dog house for a new puppy

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    Default old dog house for a new puppy

    i used to have an old german sheperd who passed away last year. i got a new puppy a few days ago and i want to use the old dog house but my puppy doesn't like it very much. i think it might be because the house still smells like my old dog? is there any way i can get that smell out?

    how can i help my puppy realise that house is his now and it is a "safe" place for him outside of the home? how can i create other "safe" places for him?

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    I'd give the old kennel a thorough wash with hot soapy water - use dishwashing soap - the sort you use when hand washing dishes.

    And then I'd give it a bit of a spray with a lavender oil and water mix (a quarter teaspoon lavender water to 500ml water in a squirty bottle).

    and then I'd do a bit of googling on "crate training" which will give you some clues about how to make your puppy love being in the kennel. If the kennel is much much bigger than your puppy is now - you might need to put a box or divider in there to make it a little bit smaller - until he grows into it.

    Essentially you want to associate the kennel with good things like getting bits of food in there or fetching the ball out (if he's into ball) or tshirts that smell like you (find an old tshirt you don't want any more, sleep in it, then put it in the kennel - if puppy rips it to small pieces - it's a sign of affection. And boredom.)

    put the bob a lot or squirrel dude or kong with frozen chicken bits in the crate/kennel...

    You've only had your puppy a few days. It can take about a month or so for a puppy to settle in (no letting him rip off lead until you've got good recall happening at home, ie on lead for about the first month at least).

    You might also want to ask your puppy's breeder about what your puppy liked and was comforted by.

    Some people put a radio or ticking clock with their puppy - so it feels like people (or hearts Mr Tin Man) are around.

    Good luck.

    You might also want to read Dog Star Daily's digital text book on raising a puppy.
    Raising a Puppy | Dog Star Daily

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    We built a beauty for our GSD. Crate trained him in it. By 3wks, it became his fave 'den', their a bugger for den's later in life.
    Because he favours it, and he's top dog here. the other 2 vie for it now. Its became No1 ranking sleeping spot. We now have a crate indoors for a injured dog. Immediately the dogs all want to sleep in there!
    Crate train, I wanted to put 2 dogs in mine. So bought a big crate, and put that inside the kennel.

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