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Thread: My poor little maltese

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    Default My poor little maltese

    Guys, i'm in a bit of a dilema. My little maltese was attacked by a rottweiler yesterday morning while on a wak with the wife. The owner of the rottweiler was dragged across the road on the ground and it picked up my poor little maltese, and shook it from side to side as if trying to tear it to pieces. After boxing the rotti countless times, it finally let go, and the wife picked it up straight away and ran back home.

    I took her straight to the animal emergency services in brisbane, and waited all day for calls on her situation. She had undergone 2 major surgeries, and is now stable, and recovering in the intensiuve care unit. She suffered fractured ribs, fractured spine, punctures to the abdomen, and bruised kidney. Doctor said she was lucky to be alive.

    Now i have not got pet insurance, the wife has been nagging to me about taking it up for weeks, and i was just about to pull the trigger on it, but just too late. With medical bills, this has racked up to 6.5k today, and ongoing costs for hospital fees will be 1.2k a day for a few days.

    I have approached the rotti's owner at his place, and, beleive it or not, first thing he said was he was going to sue us......for causing bodily harm to his wife, who was now in hospital. My wife said all she saw was a few bruises on her elbow and ankles which was from scraping on the road being dragged by her own rotti.

    What is your thoughts on this? I want them to pay for my little maltese medical bills. Whats the chances of recovering this through lawyers?


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    What a bloody cheek, their rotti was obviously responsible for all the damage to both his wife and your poor dog, so sorry to hear, very traumatic. I would be contacting a free legal aid company asap who might be able to give some advice on how to proceed. I'd also get your wife to right down exactly what happened asap while it's still fresh in her memory. Then get photos and Vet report/bills and take it from there. I don't see how they can prove that your dog was in any way responsible for his wife's injuries as she was the one with the uncontrollable dog. They will have said that to try to scare you off going through with this.

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    Sorry to hear about what your Maltese had to go through. I hope he'll be allright. As for that twat... my thought was that he was just trying to scare you off. I'd seek legal advice on this one. Even if you can't recover lawyer cost - a rude letter from a lawyer may help to put that idiot back into his box and turn out a good investment in maintaining your sanity.

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    thanks guys. Just went to visit her this morning. She is improving. Still very drugged up, she sat up when she heard us coming, but a little too weak to stand up. It breaks my heart to see my baby going through this.

    It really pisses me off so much with what the rotti's owner has said. How can someone not be responsible for his own pet's actions. I might bring this to 'Today's Tonight' and expose the prick for what he will say. There were other things he said that really pissed me off, such as 'i dont care if your dog dies', or ' your dog provoked my dog and my wife was protecting you from it and you didnt do anything to help'. I mean....either some ppl are just plain dumb, with no common sense......or just retarded.

    Anyway, i will seek legal advice from this stage, and i will expose him for what he is as well. I will not stop till justice has been done for my baby. I think ppl shouldnt be able to get away with this.....when my baby is suffering and we are forking out heaps for the medical bills, when he doesnt have to do a thing, and his dog had sick fun tearing another dog to pieces.

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    Your first port of call is your local council. Dogs are not allowed to attack people or their property or wildlife ie any other animals including your dog. So given your dog did not run up (off lead) into the Rotti's face so it felt the need to defend itself or its owner (self defence would let it off the hook), then the Rotti and the owner are entirely at fault. If the owner is not capable of controlling the animal and it attacked another animal - it should be declared "dangerous" which means it cannot go out in public without a lead and a muzzle on. And it has to be kept in a secure dog run at home.

    This rule is pretty much the same in all states.

    Given the rotti owner seems to be a bit of a bully - I would also investigate making a police report. But start with your council animal control officer who should be able to advise.

    It really helps if you know where the rotti lives. Makes it so much easier.

    The only risk is - with bullies like that - is that they will find some way to take revenge on you. They may do that anyway given they're hurting. So your best defence is full reports to Council and Police. You can ask the police not to take it further, just to document at this stage - just in case something else happens later. Much better to have the report with them as soon as possible.

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    Thanks Hyacinth. I have actually already reported to the council, but nothing much the council can do about my maltese's medical bills in regards to getting the rotti's owner to pay. His dog will be declared dangerous.....but that doesnt do anything for me. The prick is a rich bastard, house of a mansion, so i doubt a few fines will impact him for any thing. All it is to him, is that he paid for a sick treat for his crazy rotti.

    I just think its unfair when he is at fault, and i have to cop all this suffering as well as these crazy medical bills. There is no justice here. If this is what it is, i might as well buy all rottis next time and doesnt matter if my rotti kills someone else's dog, as i only cop a small fine. Is this fair?

    Sad to say, i think the council is pretty much useless in this matter. They dont do shiet as far as the victim is concerned. Will be filing a police report today.

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    If the council aren't interested in trying to prosecute the owner then yes, talk to the police. To own a dog that attacks and causes this sort of injury is a criminal matter.

    See here: ANIMAL MANAGEMENT (CATS AND DOGS) ACT 2008 - SECT 194 194 Relevant person must ensure dog does not attack or cause fear


    194 Relevant person must ensure dog does not attack or cause fear
    (1) A relevant person for a dog must take reasonable steps to ensure the dog does not attack, or act in a way that causes fear to, someone else or another animal.

    Maximum penalty—

    (a) if the attack causes the death of or grievous bodily harm to the person—300 penalty units; or
    (b) if the attack causes the death of or grievous bodily harm to the animal—100 penalty units; or
    (c) if the attack causes bodily harm to the person or animal—50 penalty units; or
    (d) otherwise—20 penalty units.
    (2) In this section—

    animal does not include vermin that are not the property of anyone.

    Examples of vermin that are someone's property—
    a pet mouse or guinea pig
    vermin that are protected animals under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 (See section 83 of that Act.)
    relevant person, for a dog, means—

    (a) the owner of the dog; or
    (b) any responsible person for the dog.

    Council have authority under this Act and should be investigating the owner with a view to prosecution. The injury to your dog could well be considered grievous bodily harm. If the matter goes to court then compensation can be sought from the owner.

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    Action that the council takes will back up any claim you might make in small claims court for the vet bills.

    I would start by writing the "rich bastard" a letter stating that your vet bills are $$$, your vet is - contact details and you'd appreciate if the rich bastard paid the costs incurred by his dog. Maybe a lawyer could phrase that a bit better. You need to put some sort of deadline for payment, eg two weeks, and some way that you can confirm with the vet that your bill has been paid. I'm thinking Rich bastard might be more inclined to pay up if he's paying the vet directly not you. But you could attach a copy of the (paid) bill instead.

    There's nothing I hate worse than someone claiming for damages for their car or dog or whatever and then spending the money on something else, not fixing the damage. So I'd be one that would like to see a paid vet bill or pay the vet myself.

    So if you have clear criteria for what you expect to happen by way of compensation, then you can go to small claims court if he doesn't pay. Otherwise he can say you never asked him to pay or presented evidence of your costs.

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    Just an update, my little maltese is now feeling alot better. She is able to walk and should be out of the specialist centre today. I have contacted council, police, my lawyer, state government mp, and next would be tv or radio. Not gonna let this thing settle so easy.

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    Does the vet have any concerns for long term problems resulting from the injuries?

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