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    Question Boston Terriers

    Hi - looking for Boston Terrier pup for companion - preferably male. Will consider 2 (male and female)

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    Hi 'Alistair Forde' and to the forum !

    Boston Terriers are a very popular breed and very few come into rescue. Some breeders may have older dogs they are moving on and selling. Depends on whether you want a puppy or older dog.

    There are quite a few health problems with the breed:

    Disorders by Breed - Boston terrier - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    So, it is best to find a breeder that is registered with the Canine Control Council of your state and who health tests the parents of any future litters.

    These pups are relatively expensive to buy and become even more expensive if they have health problems.

    So – please - do your homework !

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    Alistair, my advice is to find out local dog shows and "expo" type events close to you, get along, and start talking to breeders and developing a relationship with them as well as finding out more about Bostons.

    As RileyJ has pointed out, it is very important you are assured of a pup that will have the best chance in life, so it pays to do a little leg-work before you part with your hard-earned cash. Besides, it's fun getting out, meeting people and patting dogs!

    Bostons are very cute, but they have similar ancestry to Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, so can have similar temperaments, and need an owner who will be kind and firm.

    All the best with it

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    You could ring the Boston Terrier club in your state...I'm sure they can help.
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    Alistair Forde

    Beware of people trying to scam you with offers of the dogs you want. Rare or very popular breeds like the Boston Terrier are hard to get. You can be on a waiting list with a breeder or two - after researching each other for a long time before you actually get the puppy you want. And if you say two - a male and female - the breeder will want to know a lot more about you first - to rule you out as a possible puppy farmer (bad), back yard breeder (bad) or just oblivious to the difficulties that can occur if you adopt two from the same litter, especially one M and one F.

    Your best chance at some nice Boston Terriers is to go meet some breeders and their dogs as the others have said. That way you're not promised a dog that turns out to be imaginary from a scammer in Africa.

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