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Thread: We got that letter saying the microchip maybe defective...

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    Default We got that letter saying the microchip maybe defective...

    We need to consider putting a new one into Hooch. So then he will have 2...
    Any reason why we should worry about it?
    We booked him in for Saturday to get the second microchip.
    His first one still scanning but vet said the defective ones might stop working suddenly so better have 2, especially now when he is on antibiotics so he cant get infected from having the next one done.
    I am so tired... sorry if I dont make sense but wanted to ask before we go there.

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    You make perfect sense. I can see no problem, but others may know otherwise. I think your vet is on the money about getting it while he's on antibiotics though, makes sense, and the last thing your boy needs is an infection.

    Compromising the skin isn't a problem with his leprosy? I'd be confirming that before I went ahead, but that's the only thing I can think of....

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    'bunny-girl' - If this was me – I would cancel the vet visit on Saturday. My thinking being ‘that if it isn’t broken then I have nothing to fix’ !

    I class this as a totally unnecessary procedure at this point in time. I’d be waiting until Hooch is 100% healthy before contemplating anything like this. Yes, he is on Abs at the moment – but still I would leave it.

    The letter says that the microchip is faulty – but it may not be. Get it scanned regularly when at the vets and if and when it stops working – then make the decision.

    Does Hooch leave the yard – nicking off to meet his friends when you aren’t home ? If he doesn’t, then the risk of him getting lost becomes negligible. Which really is one of the reason behind the use of the microchips !

    Anyway, how is this precious pup going ? Time for an update methinks !

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    I'd do it. The vet knows Hooch's medical history and it's doubtful that he/she would recommend doing it now if there was any reason to wait.
    This faulty batch of microchips have been identified and you don't know when Hooch's will stop working. Accidental escapes happen and it's better to be safe than sorry.

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    Thanks everyone, my son is having "night of the notables" at school today so we were up so late last night making sure all is in order lol I dont remember even posting this!
    I'm glad I did though, I now realise I probably should ask the guru vet from Murdoch this question.
    The vet who sent the letter and rang me yesterday was his regular vet, so I just email the hospital vet who is treating him for his leprosy.
    Hooch's lumps are completely gone. They are no more lumps! His lesions have closed nicely and besides faint scars his skin near his groin is so nice and smooth and warm, like a baby!
    He is happy, playful, naughty - just the way we love him!
    His liver is holding up so we can continue with the meds until we get the all clear. Might be still 4-6 weeks to go as we have to make sure the infection is well and truly gone.
    We took him to the beach the other day, it is his heaven. The happiest place on earth for him.
    I remember when he was so sick and I didn't know if he would make it wishing I could take him to the beach again - well it happened!

    Will let you know what super vet says about the chip when she answers my email thanks for the advice!!!

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    clap.gif This is the best news ! So happy for you all ! happy-dancing.gif

    Pleased that you are going to email the specialist vet and ask the question.

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    Ok... my instructions are "not a good idea". Lucky I asked!!

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    I am not the least bit surprised with her answer - and - again I am very pleased that you asked her the question !

    You could always contact the company regarding the recall, explain your situation with your pup - and ask if the implant can be done at a later time.

    You may be able to organise for 1 microchip to be put aside for you. Depends what the deal is ! Are they paying for the whole lot - microchip and vet consult ?

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    Thanks Riley! Yes they are paying for everything. I told my vet we will have to do it at a later date if at all.
    It's not the highest priority right now.
    He still scanned last time but as the vet said - it could stop at any time.
    Hooch is a domestic diva, he only goes outside to wee lol he sleeps in our beds, he is very much an inside dog but who knows if he runs off at a park one day. Or if he gets stolen from home... can't help being protective of him because I am sure everyone would love to steal a dog who most probably will eat their house up lol

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    It's wonderful to hear that Hooch is back to normal!

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