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Thread: Brownish-red crust?

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    Default Brownish-red crust?

    Hello all,
    I check my pups ears, teeth, gums, etc twice a day(lol I'm a worry wort) and have just noticed that she has dark brownish crust(sort of look like scabs but there are no wounds) around and on her vulva.
    I just wet some tissues and tried to clean it although it doesn't come off easy.
    Her skin has always been slightly darker around that area but I haven't noticed any crusty stuff before now.
    When she had her ear infection 2 months ago, her ear had some brownish crust in it too which looks very similar(the vet said it was just a small infection and gave me eardrops that fixed it).
    She is showing no obvious signs of going into heat or having UTI - I have never seen blood in her urine or feces.
    She doesn't lick the area more than she needs to.
    She's 7 months old and will be desexed next month.
    I'm thinking maybe a yeast infection but I honestly haven't got much of a clue about the signs and symptoms of it.
    Any idea what this could be? I'm not majorly worried.. yet lol
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    'RakshaWw' - How is your pup this morning ?

    All females – both human and dogs - have discharges at times. It just goes with the territory and is a fact of life!

    You are most likely on the right track at looking at a yeast infection/vaginitis. It is not unusual for female pups to get this type of infection. Both of my girls in the past had a couple of episodes before their first heat – and then no problems later on.

    Also - don't discount that she could be coming into heat - she is in the right age time bracket for her first heat.

    So, I think a vet visit is in order to get all this sorted out. If it is a yeast infection – that will need to be sorted out before she is de-sexed. If she is coming into heat – then you will have to postpone the de-sexing.

    So either way - talk or visit your vet. Good Luck !

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    Thank you
    She just came inside after a pee and I had a quick look at her, there's a tiny bit of white(slightly yellow tinge) discharge.
    She pees white, I'm unsure if this discharge(it's not clear at all) is actually her pee or not.
    She's on a Black Hawk and Raw diet so I'd be kinda confused if it was yeast lol

    I just spoke to a Vet Nurse and she thinks it may be UTI.
    My pups stool was just pure black so looks like I'll be rushing her into the vet


    I took her to Highton vet, they were amazing and very nice people! So cheap compared to my normal vet.

    They took a good look at her - they even took a small stool sample. They said the stool was okay, it's nothing to worry about but they told me to not let her eat so much grass as it's full of grass.

    They then took a good look at her vulva and it turns out she does have an infection down there, mainly because the vulva is smaller than most dogs so it has a lot of skin rubbing on it, that's what is causing irritation which explains the dry blood/skin around it.

    The vet then said the reason her pee is always clear and barely yellow is because she's fed raw which contains around 70% water.

    At this stage, it's not a major problem, but if it continues or gets worse they will need to do surgery to remove some of the skin around her private area so it stops rubbing against it.

    They want her to loose at least 2kg in the next 2 weeks, they also gave me some tablets to help stop the pus/discharge and some pink soapy stuff to use to clean around her private area twice a day.
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    It's a good thing you took her to the vet. Your pup will feel so much better when the infection is gone.
    Good luck with the weight loss! Let us know how she goes.

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    'RakshaWw' - how is your pup going ? All over the infection ?

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