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Thread: Very Timid Dog

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    So glad to hear you had a better walk! I agree with everything the other posters have said. Definitely look into kikopup's videos and possibly clicker training, my dog was EXTREMELY anxious but also high energy and as soon as I started clicker training her using kikopup's methods it was like something literally "clicked" in her. By the sounds of it though you may not have a majorly severe case and they might already be getting back into their old routine Good luck and please keep us posted!

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    Ella Tink and I would like to thank you all for your advise.. WE KICKED GOALS TODAY! My fur babies were brilliant, dad came with us to the park. Ella was still bit weary.pretty much her normal .. They chased the ball, play fought. They where not fussed by other people or noises! I'm so thankful to everyone !

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    EVEN BIGGER GOALS TODAY.. Back to the bike track (not the same spot as the brute lives across the road) but it was on the water, with bikes,other dogs, people walking fishing etc! NOT A ISSUE ! Goes to show with love and support they do overcome their fears! I'm so proud of Ella my little golden princess.. My babies are all tuckered out .. Ella snuggling Tink image.jpg

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    Aww! Great to hear they have overcome their fears. Infuriating that you still have to be wary of the nutter who did this to you all. Did the police give you any info about victim support?

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    Yes they did Beloz, the "man" I use that term loosely. Was spouse to go to court on Monday and did not turn up ! Goes to show how spineless he is!
    Now I just have to get hubby over it !

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