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Thread: The head tilt

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny-girl View Post
    Hooch does it all the time, he is trying desperately to understand what we are saying to him.
    He also does it if he hears his name followed by - he knows it's about him and he wants to know what is being said.
    So cute!! We sometimes do it on purpose...
    Hahaha! Yeah we do it on purpose sometimes, we love it when she does it!

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    All dogs and quite a few other animals/reptiles do head tilts to varying degrees. Maybe ‘familiarity does breed contempt’ in our pups – such as - they have heard it all before , and so no need to be paying too much attention !

    Here are a few links on the subject:

    Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads? – Nat Geo TV Blogs

    Why Does Your Dog Cock Its Head?

    Why do Dogs Tilt Their Head When You Talk to Them | Answers

    I still get head tilts off Riley and he is now over 6 years old ! These are particularly noticeable when I am singing in the car when we are out and about ! I don't do it all that often – probably much to the poor pup’s relief !

    So I get a few head tilts – he is just making sure that it is really me making this very strange noise ! Then I get a tongue in the ear and if I still persist - I get a lick across my chops and then he starts making his own noises - trying to make me stop !
    Just love an appreciative audience !

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