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    Unhappy Prickly grass

    Not sure if this is a regional thing, I'm on the Gold Coast and I've noticed that a LOT of grassy areas have horrible brown burrs that prick my poor pup's pads when she walks... At first I thought she was being a drama queen, but I went barefoot myself and wow those things REALLY HURT!!!

    I think it's such a shame that she has to walk on the hot concrete in this weather, instead of being able to enjoy a nice walk in the grass. I met a dog owner who mentioned the council used to take care of the prickles (I didn't ask how) but now they don't. Can somebody elaborate on this for me? Why did they stop taking care of it; was it an environmental or cost thing? Do you all have problems with the prickles too, and if enough people showed interest would it be something we could petition to have it taken care of again?

    Thanks in advance

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    Ahhh, Bindi's.. i hate them so much, they make it basically impossible to walk on grass bare foot!
    Thankfully down in victoria, they don't seem to be that much of an issue. I hope you find a way to get on top of them, they are so annoying.

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    lol those things are horrible. things that make you want to jump out of the way after just steping on one of them but doing that make you land on more of them or make you feel like your walking on hot sand just with more pain and going AR,AR,AR,HOO,AR,AR yep every body hates them but there every were in summer they grow in mass patches so close together that its impossible to go around them those things are all over our back yard that we follow the track that our dogs made around them its funny but also very pain full XD
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    I dont know for sure why the council dosnt spray for them but it wouldnt be cheap or easy. The chemicals they use can really effect certain grasses and plants aswell. Cooch can tolerate poisons that Buffalo cant and some areas have both these grasses mixed together. The grass dies off and then the bindis grow back even quicker than the grass. Windy days when spraying see's overspray killing shrubs and plants. I guess its all to hard for them to control so they have probably given up.

    If you have any local school ovals or sports grounds ....these areas are usually maintained by a groundsman or contractor so they might put in the extra effort and spray. I'd be walking on these area if your allowed access. Dont forget to pick up the poop if they let you on.

    Part of growing up in Oz is the good old Bindi...turn boys into men LOL...but its a bit rough for our poor pooches !!

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    That's right, it was BINDIS... I thought he said bingles or dingles or something. They really are horrible Sorry to hear you all are having issues with them too!

    Sean you're spot on about the ovals/school yards, we've been hanging around those areas a LOT lately... (and yes I pick up poo, wherever I am! Major pet peeve of mine when people don't do it but I won't start ranting here because I'll never stop until you're all asleep)

    Your explanation about the chemicals makes sense, I thought it might be something like that. It's too bad they are sooooo all over the place... good excuse to start taking my pup on hiking trails and the beach I guess... thank you all for your responses!

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