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Thread: Cooling coats that were being sold at GC Pet Expo?

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    Default Cooling coats that were being sold at GC Pet Expo?

    Does anybody remember what brand it was? On the day I talked to one lady with a greyhound who said it was really great and that it only cost about $50. But I've been looking online and the prices are much higher even for a smaller whippet-sized one. I really wish I'd paid attention at the time, I was too excited looking at the animals... I'd really prefer to buy one that someone can vouch for is good and worth the money, plus economical obviously.

    I looked on the pet expo site but couldn't find info. If you know what brand it was, or can even recommend another one that won't cost a fortune and works well, please let me know

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    Omg thank you so much for that link. I guess I missed that page on the Expo site but it had EXACTLY the one I was looking for!! Can't believe how many other exhibitors there were that I didn't even notice... very bummed I missed all that and just can't wait for next year... anyway thanks again

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