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    I hate to sound like a pain. This is my first time as an adult that I'm looking to get a dog. Before I've had a springer spaniel, and a Shetland sheepdog. Naturally I'm inclined to get a sheltie again. However I'm a bit perturbed about the dog's life. My significant other has some allergies to dogs, so we've agreed to keep the dog confined to the conservatory(indoors), which means the dog would not be able to go upstairs. To me this doesn't seem odd because the last time we had a dog, he was confined to the kitchen, and he slept in the kitchen. But that was when I was a child.

    We have plenty of parks, and walkpaths, plus I live by the beach. There will be people around, and the dog will be left alone for no more than 19 hours a week. I'm quite active and do about a 90 minute exercise (jogging, cycling, etc.) in the evening. However my concern is the dog will have to be independent enough. When we had our springer it couldn't stay on its own for an hour. The garden is about 300 square meters so I'm sure that's plenty big enough. and I can keep the dog secure in 81 square meters of it with shelter, et al.

    So I can't figure what breed is ideal for me. Ideally I think a sheltand sheepdog is perfect, Although I've considered rough collies, and spitz varieties.

    Any thoughts, or mentions about considerations that I have not thought of.

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    If the dog is going to be confined in any way, you'd probably want a smallish breed so a Sheltie might be ideal but he/she would need lots of outdoor exercise.

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    none of my breed dogs would like to live with you.

    Bordeaux x rottie

    they need to be 'with' their families, so i would not recommend these breeds, if the new dog is to be kept apart from you guys.

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    i thought 19 hours a week is bugger all time alone actually...that's not even 5 hours a day during the week.

    My guys do very well bullmastiff was a lone dog for along time too.

    How about a Staffy ? Bulletproof dogs in my opinion.

    As a allergy sufferer myself i know i'd struggle to live with a Rough Collie or anything long haired like that. Good luck.

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