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Thread: quick question.. quick answers please

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    Default quick question.. quick answers please

    My best friend's female puppy just got sterilised and the vets gave her no pain meds.. is that ok? they said she will be drowsy tonight and tomorrow she will be fine.
    Please let me know before its too late to go ask for pain meds, I am all for pain relief but maybe the vet knows better?

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    All mine have been fine without meds. I had 2 done same day and one a few months later.
    One was a princess, I had to check she hadn't got 2 scars and another was as though nothing had happened.
    The third was fine a few months later as well.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Thank you! I am not going to say anything I can be a busybody sometimes lol. Obviously vet knows best!

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    The trouble with giving an animal pain meds... is that the animal then feels fine to run around like an excited pork chop...

    And undoes all the good the surgery was for.

    So you give just enough that the critter can still eat and sleep and not much more. So if critter / puppy is happy to take tidbits of steamed chicken - no pain meds required. in my non-vet opinion.

    If you're really worried - you can suggest your friend double check with vet.

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    She double checked and vet said no pain meds at all needed. So I said hmm let me check on that one
    Thank you so much, I knew I would get some quick answers here.

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