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    Default Rosie needs your advice

    I am minding two KCC for three weeks. They fit perfectly into my home and get on fabulously with my two dogs, cat, birds, kids, etc. Yep, they are close to perfect and I adore them. They are totally loved by their owners who are very responsible and caring of their pets.

    I am a little concerned about Rosie. She has recently undergone her second cruciate surgery and has now developed kennel cough. I have sought medical advice re her cough but am really just trying to give readers a little background. She is 7 and a half.

    My personal opinion is she is a little out of sorts, still a little sore (of which I have medication to treat) and has developed kennel cough (possibly) due to being a little compromised in her health. My dogs are immunised and Rosie's sister isn't and so far so good they have no kennel cough symptoms.

    I would love to start her on something natural to help build up her resistance and get her health back on track. And, no, her owners won't mind me taking things in hand. Any ideas? I have investigated on line but would still like opinions of those who have tried something and it has been successful. Plus I am at times a little cautious of Internet advice and its authenticity. Would hate to accidentally poison someone!

    Has anyone had any success with spirulina?


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    No idea.

    There's another thread in here about building doggy immune systems - in response to a boxer with leprosy (yikes).

    This page of it might help - there's some good links

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    well, kennel cough userly rears its head at RSPCA alot, and if they been around a dog that had it, then probly would of got it, highly contagious.
    best u can do is cough meds, cant remember the ones they used back in day at RSPCA, but well, when one got it they all did, and all you could do is go around dishing out cough syrup vets gave.

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    'ratbag jrt' - are you sure it is kennel cough ? What has your vet said ?

    If you haven't seen or spoken to your vet - then that is what I would do first !

    If your dogs are immunised - then the chances of kennel cough are pretty slim.

    My thinking is that it is an irritation in the throat from the operation - tubes and the like.

    I use Manuka Honey quite a bit -
    excellent for both inside and outside of pups - but must be 10+ or more:

    So a couple of links for you:

    Manuka Honey: Medicinal Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

    Manuka Honey Information - food, health benefits, research

    Please check with your vet first - to find out exactly what is wrong with your pup !

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    Vaccinated dogs can certainly still get kennel cough. It's incubation is about 10 days so they won't show symptoms during that time.

    If you think she needs an immune boost I would give her vitamin C. If you go to a health food shop you can buy it in powder form. The one called Sodium Ascorbate is pretty much tasteless and great for sprinkling into food.

    The good thing with Vitamin C is that it's a water based vitamin so any excess is safely excreted in urine. Although dogs manufacture their own vitamin C (unlike humans), extra can certainly assist with an immune system boost if it's needed.

    I'd give her half to one teaspoon a day for a week and she if she brightens up.

    Manuka honey will help her cough as well.

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    As the people above said, Kennel Cough is still possible to get even when vaccinated
    My Kelpie pup is part of a local dog group, they must have C5 vaccinations to come to outings although Kennel Cough is still pretty common, just like in shelters.

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    well, its similar to flu, virus changes enough to get around vaccines that the body has to come up with the anti-bodys to clear out the newer type of virus that is slightly diff to ones covered by c5

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    As per my post she has seen a vet re her kennel cough. Her surgery was three and a half weeks ago so I would assume any irritation would have passed. Either way I trust the vet's diagnosis and 110% agree it is kennel cough. Rosie and her sister are not immunised but both my dogs are. Her sister is so far symptom free as are my two. I am aware dogs who are immunised can and do still get kennel cough. I didn't go into huge detail as my concern is not her leg or cough, it was more to give people a small glimpse of where Rosie is now. It is looking at her health from a holistic point. She is just not her usual self.

    Riley J - Sounding totally hypersensitive and requiring counselling (lol) I find it totally annoying that the assumption is that I wouldn't take a sick dog to the vets. As my post stated - I had sought medication advice. In my books, that means I've been to the vets!! Anyway, now that I am over my tantrum.....

    Thank you for the Vit C and honey tip. Did not even think of those two. I have used spirulina for birds, in particular swans, but obviously there is no real science or statistics behind whether it has or hasn't assisted in the birds rehabilitation.
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