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Thread: Vent thread...My dogs are doing my head in !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean View Post
    Yeah the dog poo can be issue at wouldn't be so bad if it was like horse poo and i could use it in the garden.....but kibble and meat dosn't make good fertiliser !!!
    The worms in the compost bin love Maggies poop and indirectly that feeds the garden.Have you got a compost bin Sean or would that become a party place also?
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    What is it about Bromeliads and dogs ?? Sorry to see that Dhru...must be the bit of water they retain i reckon.

    You guessed it Farrview , a compost at my place would'nt last a day !!

    This weeks victims where the brand new plastic watering can (no surprise there...i told myself the dogs would chew it even before i even bought it !) and now Bronx has realised he can just bulldozer himself under the fence i put up to block of the new garden. I just want them to establish a little bit before i took it down !! Mojo's to lazy to even try so it still works on one dog.

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    Should see it this morning . He's pulled half the clump of them out into the yard all still attached to each other. Gonna have to bring the wheelie bin down today and have a clean up methinks, so he's got something to mess up again.

    The temporary fence I put around my seedlings was about as useful as yours sean. Hard to stop a mastiff cross bulldozing through/under it. So I put a few huge tent pegs in to hold it down. That only made him jump over it and land squarely on the poor plants I was trying to protect

    And like Mojo, Sal just lays around and watches all this unfold. Must be entertaining for her...

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