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    HI Everyone,

    me back @ it again

    So an update since last time, we have a new family member named CHARLIE! Charlie is a staffy x and they are not sure what he is crossed with. Charlie was dumped at the pound 6 months ago with a few other puppies who had mange, i have a photo and it is sickening. Charlie was 1 day away from being put down as the mange got into the skin everywhere and into the intestines. Charlie was adopted and given a new life... he is now 12 months and you wouldn't have imagined what he has been through. His foster carer had him with a very sick dog (cancer) and all Charlie wanted to do was play play play which i thought would be perfect for my Pepper who was so lonely and bored @home. Now Charlie and Pepper are BEST FRIENDS and they do not leave each other's sides, they wake yp at 5.30am and play til 8 at night then they sleep all the way through

    Anyway, I have a few questions

    1. Charlie has come from a house being fed Pasta or rice and chicken and Veg, however Pepper has been fed Dry Food, Charlie likes his dry food and i have been feeding them their dry food and every couple of days some Dog Bones 'now called soup bones'. Does anyone have any good brands of food that dogs love, any easy-quick recipies for both pups etc.. also what is the best bones to get and how often should the pups be fed the bones?

    please note the dogs wont eat out of bowls! weird i know! Pepper has always since a 3 month old, tipped her bowl over to have the food on the ground, and Charlie wont eat his unless it's on the ground haha!

    Before i leave to go to work for the day, i used to give Pepper her kong, however Charlie is unfamiliar with the Kong, he sniffs but doesn't really know what to do, so i have swapped the kong each morning for a bone. is there any other types of 'treats' that can be given to them each morning to keep them busy when i leave? something that takes a while to chew.

    2. Entertainment - Any suggestions on toys that dogs love! especially for 2 pups to play together as they don't leave each others sides. We have a few balls which they both hold onto and chase each other around and steal it off each other, and some rope which they tug on, but they now have resorted to their blankets which they play tug o war with, i come home to ripped blanket all over the lawn lol! so im suggesting maybe they are bored. they love SQUEAKY THINGS.

    3. Now that it is coming into the warmer weather, i would like to buy some good bedding for the dogs. Pepper did not like beds! whether it was mesh or cushiney type she would prefer to sleep off it and rip the bed up... i think i may of posted about this before but will just write it again Pepper usually sleeps on 2 or 3 warm fleecy blankets and she loves it, however now the weather is warming up the blankts will be a little hot, so i am looking at REASONABLY PRICED Bedding for the dogs. they are quite big too (lab and staffy x) I am happy to make a bed as some do, but meshy potatoey bag material WILL NOT WORK with pepper haha. At BIG W they had the metal frame but a trampoliney material on top instead which i think would be good for winter they were about 60 dollars each for the large, which isn't too bad, how on earth could i make this is it possible?

    thanks in advance everyone


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    Hi 'peppersmummy',

    Have a good look around these links – I am sure you will find some sort of answers to your questions !

    Heaps of choices for dog bed ideas here:

    DIY pet beds

    This one you can make for yourself:

    Raise the Woof

    Dog Toys and Treats - some you will have to supervise:

    I have made the ice blocks for my pups in the past using either margarine or ice-cream containers.

    Dog Food and Bones:

    Dr Bruces Vets All Natural - Natural Pet Products, Healthy Pets - Home


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    What great news on Charlie and Pepper!

    I feed my dog raw pet mince (from a major pet store chain) and Vets All Natural (VAN) complete mix. The VAN is quite expensive to buy, but one bag will last you quite a while.

    I now get my bones from a butcher that does the round joint bones, cut in half. He sells them as "large" dog bones and I do recommend giving big ones rather than small ones. My dog always has a bone on the go. Once it starts looking bare and brittle, I remove it. She buries her bones too, so I often don't know how many she has access to!

    I used to give my dog dry food in her Kong Wobbler when I'm out. Took her quite a while to show an interest in it and figure it out, but then she loved it. Unfortunately it got lost during our move! I'm now considering buying a 'Bob a lot' instead. We also have a treat ball which Banjo quite likes. I either put dry food or dog treats in it, or a mix. Sometimes you have to keep offering an interactive toy for quite a while before they start showing an interest in figuring out how to use it though. It's just a matter of persevering.

    No advice on beds, I'm afraid. Except for, sometimes you can find those frames at the rubbish tip. I saw one at ours last time I went there. You can then cover it with whatever you like if you're handy.

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