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Thread: Is your dog/dogs spoilt?

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    Default Is your dog/dogs spoilt?

    Just wanted to ask purely for my own interests whether or not you consider your dog or dogs spoilt?

    Also what warrants them being called spoilt?
    Is it the amount of money you spend on them, the amount of attention they get, the quality of lifestyle they have etc.

    I'm asking as i constantly get told that mine are spoilt and yet i fail to see how and frankly it really annoys me.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
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    good question, i haven't got my puppy yet but am already madly buying things on ebay but most of it is practical stuff, bedding, some chew toys at $1 each, collar and leash etc. I've also done a lot of research on different diets and think i'll go for Vet All Natural which is expensive but looks like a good product. My bulldog will be an indoor dog allowed on the spare bed (thanks to a mattress protector from ebay) but not allowed on the couches and not allowed to beg at the table. And of course he'll be hugged and kissed within an inch of his life Does that mean he'll be spoilt?

    i think as with children this is going to be fairly subjective. i think all kids are spoilt these days but that's because I grew up wearing all my brothers hand me downs, not being able to afford school trips and thinking it was cool when we got junket for dessert

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    I've noticed that sometimes non dog people think that meeting all your dogs needs and making sure they are comfortable is spoiling them. Screw 'em - if that's the case, then hell yeah my dogs are spoilt

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    ^ Agreed

    I do get a bit silly when it comes to toys and treats and feeding her sirloin or eye fillet because diced beef isn't good enough...

    I'm forever being told I'm a 'helicopter parent' because I like to know where Gracie is, or if she's warm enough, or that the fence is closed properly, or that she's not choking on a bone, or eating a toad... you get the picture
    I'll admit I may be a little more attached to or protective of my dog than most other people I meet but I'm okay with that

    What I hate most is being told she will be 'fine' because 'she's a dog'
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    It IS a subjective question, isn't it!

    My answer is, a question! Does your dog have lots of the things it wants?

    So, you can say you "spoil" your dog because you buy it heaps of toys and bones and things, but if it's left outside in the backyard day and night, it is not spoilt, because all he wants is to be with you.

    However, if you spend a lot of time with your dog, but that time is only repetitive and boring training, then that also, would not be spoilt. (Please don't misunderstand, I know that training can be great and fun for both you and your dog if you make it that way! lol)

    Some people here will say that they spoil their dog because they feed the most expensive processed food on the market, although I will disagree that that is being "spoilt".

    So, I "spoil" my dog and foster dogs by spending lots of time with them, inside and outside, training incorporating lots of games, exercise (which almost 100% of dogs want, anyway!) and a good, healthy diet. I also bath them, give them soft, clean bedding and a secure place to rest and retreat. I also cover them up with a blankie and kiss them goodnight at bedtime.

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    My dogs are not spoilt.
    They get 'just enough' to eat.
    They often will never visit a vet from one decade to the next, cept vaccs.
    They dont get baths
    They are not allowed to do what some might called pampered things, like stand on carpet areas, sleep on human beds, get on human furniture etc
    They must earn most things, i dont do unemployed people or dogs.
    They most certainly do not own ANY clothes

    They do have copious amounts of love, rules and exercise daily. I judge myself harshly, when i cannot meet these basic needs.

    Spoilt to me, is where you take a dog, and do not assist it to realise its potential, whatever that may be.

    Or to take a GSD, and develop KC"s around the world to ruin the breed. That is another form of; spoilt dog Ditto for rotties and many other breeds.

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    This is a very interesting question for me. I have been pondering on how lots of Australians think a dog is spoilt if they are an indoor dog. While this is the norm in Western Europe and people think it is barbaric to leave a dog out in the yard for extensive periods.

    Same with food. There are still people out there who feed their dog mostly scraps from their dinner and would think us crazy for spending any money on dog food, let alone feeding them human grade fresh meat and stuff.

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    Mine are .... my wife and kids are jealous of my goofs.

    Undying devotion...can ONLY be provided by a dog...NOT a human. No matter who they are.

    Those people who say "It's just a dog"......'just dont understand'....

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    Yes very subjective. I have friends who think our dogs are spoilt simply because they're allowed inside and on human furniture. I don't see this as spoilt because in my view I'm benefiting too. I like having them around and cuddling with them on the sofa. And listening to their snoring is the best thing ever when writing boring reports. Very soothing. I can definitely recommend.

    They don't have huge amounts of toys but that's probably because the only thing they really care about is a ball. Preferably when it's been thrown. So if it was up to them I'd probably throw that stupid ball until my arm falls off, which I don't do... so no. I don't think they're spoilt

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    She is the first dog I've owned who has been allowed indoors, AND on the couch with me, AND sleeps with me LOL!
    She is a honey, a great companion, and probably far more important to me than she should be!

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