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Thread: Is your dog/dogs spoilt?

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    I was thinking about the question of boundaries. For me it is that Maggies behaviour can be modified to the situation we are in. We recently took her into the care home where my Mother lives and she was OKish but a bit too wiggly and pushy when people patted her ( sort of bouncing bottom job) so I will work now on teaching her to sit quietly when she is greeted by people.
    Teaching her to come and lie down quietly on command has covered a lot of situations when her exhuberance or barking etc has not been an asset. We had a visitor a while ago and realised she had got a bit pushy and pegged her back a bit. The boundaries are very personal aren't they. I would be appalled if she bothered people eating at the table and she gets short shrift if she starts. As for jumping on the table ( did happen with a friends visiting maltese x shitzu and I was not impressed)
    But each to his own, I just want a dog that can managed when necessary but whose natural high spirits are given reasonable reign when possible. It gets easier as she matures. My husband reckons she is by far and away the best trained dog we have and it is true and that is part of what makes her such a pleasure. Still room for tweaking

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    I'm impressed that none of your dogs seems to be begging at the table. The first two years of Neros life we never ever fed him from the table. But he was begging relentlessly anyway. Well, after 2 years of arguing we cracked... and now they do get the occasional scrap from our plates. When he gets too pushy we send him in time out till we finished when we have guests we avoid it by giving him a bone when we eat so he is occupied.
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    My dogs aren't allowed near the table while we're eating either. In fact, they both know that if I'm sitting on the back veranda chairs having something to eat they need to give me more space than usual, and must not 'beg with eyes'. A drooling stare will earn them a growl and they will both back off a few paces and avert their eyes. Sal is so food motivated she would have absolutely no manners at all around eating humans if I wasn't this strict. Plus I can't bear my dogs bludging (and if encouraged I reckon sal would steal). Abe's more interested in stealing tissues out of the bathroom bin, but same rules for all

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