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Thread: Question regarding anxiety and desensitisation

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    I'm with Abe. Generally, kids are horrible and I also avoid eye contact and back away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    ‘dhru’ – how are you , Abe and Sal going ?

    Here is a link to an article that was on a FB page feed – which I thought was very interesting ! Definitely not promoting the business – but the article is well worth reading !

    Stop Caring What Others Think and Stand Up for Your Dogs | notes from a dog walker
    We're doing really well Riley. Now I'm more confident that I'm doing the right thing it seems Abe is more confident too. We stop and check out any frightening things, and he's getting better at LAT, although still a little inconsistent. Keeping it mainly to familiar territory at the moment so he doesn't overload, and I think he's happy with that too. Thank you all for your input, every one of you had something to say that helped me. It is a work in progress but I'm happy that he is slowly improving. And the improvement at home has been enormous

    Never had a dog this naturally anxious before, it's been a challenge.

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    I liked the stop caring what others think, and stand up for your dogs article. thanks Riley.
    I agree with all of that.

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