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    Default Chaotic walk

    Do you ever have these? They do not happen often for us, thank dog. But they're probably the reason why I don't want 2 dogs permanently.

    I met up with a friend at our old off leash dog walking spot. First we forgot to confirm where to meet and parked at opposite ends it turned out. There was a bunch of people - mostly kids - sitting ON the track, right near the pond we call 'the dog pond'. I discovered on arrival that I lost my second lead last night. The pup jumped out of the car with the remaining lead trailing behind him before I could stop him and took off. Towards the group of track sitters. Who were scared of dogs. Banjo followed, already wet from the pond. I had to call her more than once and she kept trying to go back. In fact, it's probably because I've been boasting about her near perfect recall that she decided to teach me a lesson about not taking her for granted. I had to call her more than once quite a few times on this walk.

    The good part was that we found our friend and Banjo was fine with her great Dane cross and every other dog we met.

    Our walk ended at the same pond. The original group of non - dog people was gone but eventually got replaced by a small child waving slices of bread for the ducks around. That was too much to handle for our always hungry foster puppy. Did I mention he doesn't even know his name yet? And it was a bad time to discover that my friend's dane doesn't appear to have any recall at all and can easily pull her over when on lead, which he adequately demonstrated.

    In between all that I had to stop Banjo from playing too rough with our pup and encouraging the other dogs to join in. And I had to leave without our brand new water toy.

    I need a nana nap...

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    oh god yes! so yes.
    like you, they are infrequent, which is why perhaps they are so 'shocking' when they do occur!
    and that was your relaxing dog walk for today, goodnight lol

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