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Thread: Help Picking a Breed

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    I'm trying to decide on the best type of dog to get. I've had a German Shepherd and a couple of mixed small dogs in the family growing up in my teens, but I haven't had a full time dog for a long time.

    Background - my wife and I are in our early thirties, we both work full time (8-4) and we live in the sunny suburbs of Brisbane. I've got a fenced yard - 5 foot minimum, gets taller in places! But I'm also going to have them as an inside/outside dog. We have a cat and will always have cats, so they'll have to be a "family" breed that gets along with others. We're not having kids though, so no fur pulling

    I'm looking for a dog obviously for the doggyness and because they're generally awesome, but also to play and go on walks with. I'm quite keen to do a ~30 minute walk each day with a dog and make sure they're kept active and happy with play and exercise. My boss is a dog rescue person and dog trainer, and I'm interested in a dog I can learn to train, maybe even for agility/courses one day.

    I really like the Fox Terriers and Mini's, and Jack Russells, so I think I'm definitely a smaller dog person. Any suggestions on the type of breeds to check out? It's been suggested as a relative dog newbie that a Jack Russell will be too excitable to handle!


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    How about mini poodle? Extremely intelligent, playful, social active dogs, great for agility and similar activities, do not shed but need trimming, but if you're not going to show, you can learn how to do it yourself. Come in different colours (brown, apricot, white, black and silver). I always felt poodles are very underestimated, I am not into small breeds, but poodle would be one of my choices if I would consider small dog. But hey, there are large size poodles too and they're great! If you don't treat it like poodle, they're really wonderfull dogs if you know what I mean

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    Hello and Terence,
    I find it hard to say what dog is best for someone else. So all i can help with is what i like staffordshire bull terrier. All i'm doing is throwing an idear out there, but there are so many different types of dogs and everyone choice is different. So i will say that do alot of research and find what suits you. Best of luck with it. keep us posted on how you go.

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    Thanks for the input! I'm reading almost every thread in some sections of this forum so I'm getting some great ideas. I must admit everytime I see a Jack Russell photo I'm falling more and more for the breeds look but I suspect they're only still in photos!

    One thing I've noticed on this forum is that everyone's upfront and honest about their dogs and the breeds, and so many people have the dogs interests ahead of their own personal pet preference so I'm hopeful I'll find what I'm looking for here! I'll let you know when I have more questions and if I manage to find the right pooch for me!

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    I was going to say than an adult GSD would be ideal for you - but too big. Check out your local animal shelter - best way for someone newish to dog owning IMO is to get a rescue dog - they have generally outgrown all of the misbehaving type behaviour.

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    Hi Terrence.

    It really comes down to what you love. If you love Jack Russells you'll make your life fit with them. They can be pretty full on, and need exercise. They can be excellent diggers and barkers if they're bored. But everything they do is manageable if they really are the dog you love and want. Maybe consider and older one? Or even an older pair? There is Jack Russell rescue in NSW - I'm sure there is in other states as well. Sometimes it can be easier to get one that is past the worst of the puppy naughties!! But then you miss out on your own puppy experience though...

    I would've suggested a Whippet but they look a bit different to a JRT! Let us know how you go, and of course photos are a must if and when you get your new dog!

    Edit to add - Snap Occy! You're a faster typer than I...

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    I'm not going to be much help if you're after a small dog, I have 2 labs and a GSD. I agree with the idea of going to check out a shelter? If you're not wanting a dog for showing/breeding etc... then a shelter is the perfect place. Our adult girl is a shelter dog, and she's awesome!

    Best of luck, let us know how you get on.
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    Best of luck with whatever breed you choose. Let us know how you go.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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    I'd check out your local shelters...soooo many beautiful dogs needing homes, maybe an older pup/ young adult. Lots of Jrt crosses too, eg.Jrt x Fox Have you considered 2? Given your working hours; they could entertain themselves and not stress too much when you're not there.

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    We have a two-year-old rescued greyhound, and took her to the Animal Welfare League to choose a little playmate, and she chose a 5½ year old short Jack Russell.
    He’s fabulous; very affectionate and well-composed.
    The greyhound is fabulous too, but is a nutcase compared to the Jack Russell.

    The Gold Coast council doesn’t have a pound.
    They offloaded that onto the Animal Welfare League, because it’s all work, and they don’t want to know about that.
    They do have a council office on the same site, to collect animal registration fees.

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