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Thread: Help Picking a Breed

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    Speaking from the point of a Jack Russel Terrier owner, they are little Houdini's.
    You would need very very good secure yard.
    As puppies, I have found they are a lot more nippy than the average pup.
    Roly was never a really playful dog either, on walks he was more interested on smelling things. I could never encourage him to play.
    That said, I am also, as a lot of my fellow forumers, a huge fan of shelters. They're are so many gorgeous dogs that will suit your lifestyle.
    Im so sure that there will be some JRTS there for you.
    Good luck!

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    Went to AWL Qld today to "just browse you know, just looking not really picking any pets up today" and ended up with Terence A Jack Russell x Fox Terrier. He's 2 years old, and quite placid.... I'm sure he'll come out of his doggy shell quite soon and start terrorising the place The adopters were really helpful and helped me narrow down my selection to a dog that would suit me best temperament wise.

    I spoke with the adoption people and my yard is secure enough - but I'm going to do some work on it anyway. Currently Terence is sectioned off in one half of the backyard to test how much of a little Houdini he is going to be. Took him on a 45 minute walk - my suburb got more hills when I wasn't looking I swear - and he's resting now on his dog bed.

    Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure I'll have more questions as we go on And before anyone worries - if Terence hates being home (our neighbours are lovely and will let me know) we're quite happy to take on another little guy for a playmate

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    Congrat's to you on your new additionTerence looks lovely, and comfy.Wish you all the best with him, Hope to see more photo's

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    Fantastic news, what a gorgeous little guy!

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    YeyCongratulations Brett
    Well done for getting a rescue. He's a cutie
    Looking forward to more pics

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    Congratulations Terrence, I too am privileged to own a JRT X Foxy and hes the best little companion I could have ever asked for. Intelligent, loyal, energetic but loves to curl up by the heater. Happy, friendly, loving. Just the best. All the best for you and your new friend.

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    awww congratz, Terence is a cutie, good on you for choosing a rescue doggy , hope to see more pics of the little guy
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    Congratulations, Brett; you’ve got a lovely little boy there.
    Our Jack is quite placid too, but he’s very aware, and sees and hears everything.
    Once he dug under the paling fence to go visiting the neighbours’ Labrador.
    We did wonder why the Welfare League asked us what gaps we had under the fences and gates.
    Best wishes, and looking forward to more photos.

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