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    So as a few of you may have known, one of my dogs was sick (had lymphoma) and was sadly put to sleep this morning

    However I also have a 6yo Kelpie and they have both slept outside at night together in a warm and comphy kennel... but she is very lonely now her buddy is not there and will be sleeping inside from now on. But we have a cat and although they have met many times before (cat comes outside in the day quite often), my kelpie is just OBSESSED with my cat and will not leave him alone. The cat is not scared of my dog and happily wanders around ignoring her but i'm just wondering how long before they will be able to live together peacefully without my dog constantly staring at him...

    We have had our cat for about 3 months now and he is 11 months old.
    I am almost certain my dog would never hurt my cat but does anyone think the staring could have something to do with wanting to make the cat dinner? Or is she just intrigued? She has shown no sign of aggression towards him ever and gets scared when he bashes her over the face if she gets a bit too close but the thought is still in the back of my mind....

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    'dally24' - so sorry to be reading that you lost your pup this morning !

    R.I.P. little one.

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    Now as far as your kelpie and kitten are concerned - do you have ways to close off areas - via child proof gates or something similar across doorways - to allow the pair of them to see each other - but where the kitten is able to get away - if needed ?

    That is what I would do to start off with - until things settle down a bit. If the kelpie is now sleeping inside - you need to sort that one out first - while keeping the kitten safe.

    Supervise and see how things go ! Good Luck !

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    All the dogs I have minded, most have been fine with our cat. The ones that obsess, we work with and/or keep separate from her (she is retired to the bedroom/study when inside).

    Of the ones that are afraid of her (and yes, many have been herding breeds), none have turned on her. She is also a very laid back cat but will give a little slap if the dog is too boisterous and in her face. They are generally cautious and try to sniff her bum as she strolls away and as soon as she turns to face them they bounce backwards and avoid her. They have all come to be fine around her, no longer afraid but have never changed to boisterous/crazy around her and put her at risk.

    I guess what I'm saying is, you need to determine if the dog is fearful/submissive to the cat or if it is in prey drive. It doesn't sound like it is but only you can know when watching...unless you can post a video of the behaviour...?

    I also agree with Riley. For now supervise and manage interaction until you are confident...and then still supervise for a while. Hopefully they'll become best of friends.

    Oh, P.S. Our dog is a rescue and we were told he could not live with a cat or dog of any kind. We brought home our kitten and he was staring at her, trying to lick her, taste her, play with her, etc. All very excitedly. We worked with him and now he is her protector when other dogs are here. He monitors their behaviour and splits them if he feels it necessary. He will still chase her for fun every so often and she is fine with it, but he has never mouthed/bitten/attacked her, EVER. I think once they build the bond, they will be fine.

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