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Thread: How can I fend off an agressive dog?

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    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.

    I will be trying out that fire extinguisher method plus carrying a small clamp about 20cm long that just fits in my pockets :-)

    I actually went for a walk around the block and guess what. I didn't find the aggressive dog but I did find an elderly labrador walking close to traffic. Deaf as a post.

    Anyhow it had a phone number on the collar and its owner was very surprised and bemused to learn she had somehow escaped from the back yard.

    Thanks again,


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    As you grab the other dogs legs like a chicken wing, then use leash to encircle the groin/waist, and lift and drag the tail end of assailant, backward, teeth in opposite direction to you, and hitch leash to a post. Dog is now tethered.
    I think I'd need to see video of this. I have enough trouble getting to the attacking dog's back end when it's front end is facing me and trying to get at my dog, and some dogs dart in and away and they're bloody hard to catch (unless my dog helps).

    I can't imagine being able to chicken wishbone an aggressive dog's back legs and wind a lead around its middle. Not without three brave helpers.

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