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Thread: We have a diagnosis!!! pretty much...

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    Hi Kristy Maree, he is doing so well. Pretty much back to normal. His lump on the back is completely gone, the big lump has shrunk considerably. His lesions have closed but will take time til they disappear completely.
    His liver is doing alright with the super meds (have to check his liver periodically to make sure he copes with the anti microbials).
    Vet said we have to keep on the drugs for another 8 weeks at least but doggie is happy, playful and naughty as ever. We got him back
    Thank you for the concern! and thank you for the support you all gave us along the way, it was invaluable. No one really gets it and so many people have said to us that they would never put so much money and effort into a pet... here you all got it.

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    Wow that is excellent! You are also pin up people for insurance, sometimes, being very helpful! Congratulations on getting the wicked pooch back.

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    You are right, the insurance has been wonderful!! we have paid over $8500 so far and got 80% of it back within around 3 weeks of each claim. It was easier than I thought and I will forever recommend having pet insurance after our ordeal. We are with Medibank.

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    'bunny-girl' - what fantastic news from you ! I am sooooo pleased and happy for you all ! party-smiley-050.gif

    It has been a hell of a long road to recovery - still not there yet - but - you must be very pleased that there is an end in sight !

    Heaps of kudos to you, your family and your vets for sticking by your beautiful pup Hooch !

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    Woohoo! I wish I could like this 1000 times!! That's wonderful news BG.. so so so happy for you, your family and Hooch!!

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    Happy dances here too

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