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Thread: We have a diagnosis!!! pretty much...

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    There's actually heaps of info out there on boosting your dogs immune system if you're interested. I googled 'boosting canine immune system' and after skipping over the first few adds found some great info further down on the first page.

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    'bunny-girl' - Some more links for you:

    Eukanuba Breeders Australia/New Zealand | Nutrition Benefitting the Dog Immune System

    A company that is over in WA – maybe you can ask them some questions - via this next link:

    Dog Cancer Treatment Australia

    Don't be put off that there is the word cancer in the link title - there is quite a lot of really good information on the link.

    Someone else you could get in contact with on this link.

    Dr Bruces Vets All Natural - Natural Pet Products, Healthy Pets - Frequently Asked Questions

    Again the link for Manuka Honey – excellent for both inside and outside of pups:

    Manuka Honey: Medicinal Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

    Manuka Honey Information - food, health benefits, research

    best-of-luck-graphic-07.jpg for you and Hooch's vet visit this week !

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    I had a horse with immunity issues... This photo is one tiny lump he had on his stomach that 'exploded' (for lack of a better word) and left a huge, swollen, weepy 'crater'. Manuka honey worked a treat both externally and internally. What hooch has is much more serious but it probably couldn't do any harm (unless he licks it). I have access to our uni database and thousands of scientific journals/research papers etc so will have a look for articles for you tomorrow


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    Wow excellent info, I will definitely try to get the honey, Im sure it cant harm.
    I was going to ask my vet last time I saw her but forgot - I will ask her on Wednesday when I see her again. Will print it out and take it with me.
    I rather talk to her before giving him anything - just in case.
    I am reading all the links you guys are posting, thank you so much. I think I am googled-out as I have been googling and freaking out for so long!!

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    Just checking in to see how you're doing and to let you know we're thinking of you and Hooch.

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    I rather talk to her before giving him anything - just in case.

    Some Vets are not open to the thought of anything "natural" or "alternative".
    They seem to think it is hocus pocus.
    I do not believe that a Vet sells any product to boost the immune system.

    Sending love and best wishes to you and Hooch. xx

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    So we saw the vet a couple of days ago. $900 later we know that Hooch's liver is still going strong. I really don't know how people without insurance could afford all this.
    Next appointment is in 4 weeks time unless something bad happens and we need to see her before.
    I am worried about giving Hooch supplements as it might interact with the antimicrobials that he is on - they are not the normal antibiotics.
    I have emailed her about the honey with the link, see what she says.
    On the up side, he has been super happy and full of playful energy. I love having him back. Hopefully it will not be a case of one step forward and 2 back.
    Makes our whole family happy but very very poor. Lumps are still the same, no change.
    Just as a side note - so far Medibank have been fantastic. 2-3 weeks and 80% of each payment is back into our bank account.

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    That is sounding positive (apart from the expense )
    Does he still have the open weeping sores?

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    There will be information about interactions between things. It's an issue in human medicine too,maybe if you have an outline of a plan of what you would like to do you could send it before your appt to check and hopefully get the go ahead then.
    I know I am very proactive with my own doctor as the medical model is limited and they follow strict protocols for treatment. It is not uncommon for him to say to me " there is no medical research to support that ...... would help but, if it works for you..."
    Eg I successfully use B2. and B6 to keep carpel tunnel at bay, Mr Google helped me when all the Dr could offer is surgery.
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    Very positive news - 'bunny-girl' - particularly about the liver function ! That has been my worry through all of this !

    I am also very pleased to read that you have insurance !

    Have the vets given you any idea how poor Hooch got this infection/disease ?

    I keep on reading about pups getting some weird and horrible diseases/infections. You have to wonder and worry why this is happening ?

    Heaps of for you all !

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