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Thread: We have a diagnosis!!! pretty much...

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    Bunny-girl your story has certainly been a hard one to read for most of us i'm sure.

    It's been terrible reading how hard Hooch has been struggling and knowing you and your family are struggling right along with him trying to do everything you possibly can to help him.
    So glad you finally have some good news and here's hoping that he's now on his way to a full recovery.

    Good on you for never giving up.Hooch is blessed to have you as his guardians.
    If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

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    Thank you. Hooch is much happier for sure. His swelling however is as bad as its ever been, meeting the head vet tomorrow at Murdoch see what she says. She has been so good, emailing me day and night, keeping in touch the whole time. I never feel alone like I did at the beginning. She asks or regular updates which I am giving her, she gives me advice at midnight etc. She is excellent, huge difference from where we started there.
    Will be back with some news maybe tomorrow.
    Riley - I will ask her about it, thank you!

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    How is Hooch going now BG? Good news I hope!

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    Hi Kristy Maree, sadly not much in the way of good news.
    We started the super antibiotics 2 weeks ago, however a few days ago we found a new lump on Hooch's back between his shoulders
    He is not in pain and so far there is no lesion where the new lump is. There is no improvement with the existing lesions though, they are still oozing and need bandaging.
    When I felt the new lump my heart sank. I can't describe how frustrating this is for us. It feels never ending.
    Thanks for checking on us, I didnt have the heart to come here for an update as I dont have anything happy to say.

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    Oh 'bunny-girl' - I am very sorry to be reading this !

    Have the vets come up with any other diagnosis other than what they said initially ? What have they said about this new lump ?

    I am so sorry that all I can offer at the moment is the following:

    Heaps and Heaps of
    for you all !

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    Oh no BG, that must be so difficult for you and the family (and Hooch) to deal with. Do Murdoch have any suggestions? Is the lady in charge still looking after you?

    I hope you get some answers soon and Hooch can recover from this awful ordeal. Big hugs....

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    I know I wonder how you are going too. Such a hard time and watching the dog try to deal is so hard.

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    Ok this might be pie in the sky but when you're dealing with a really icky disease - anything that isn't harmful is worth a try...

    There's a chinese medicine philosophy about feeding "warm" or "cool" meat depending on what the person (dog) needs.

    I was told - "cool" meat to prevent or reduce (fatty) lumps.

    Warm meat, cold meat (ie Chinese philosophy) - Raw Food Diet Forum

    There is a post about half way down the page that is quite detailed and includes how to find out more. I've quoted a bit of it. Their opening line was "it's complicated" and I'm not sure if it's much different to the "alkaline" / "acid" food philosophy which interestingly has nothing to do with whether the food itself is "acid" or "alkaline" - just as this new one has nothing to do with the temperature of the food either. It might be worth a try.

    Here are some examples of cooling (Yin) foods:
    Cooling Meats: Duck, Pork, Egg
    Cooling Grains: Millet, Barley, Wheat
    Cooling Vegetables: Celery, Broccoli, Spinach, Napa Cabbage

    Warming (Yang) foods include:
    Warming Meats: Chicken, Lamb, Shrimp
    Warming Grains: Oats, Quinoa, Safflower
    Warming Vegetables: Squash, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans

    “Four Paws Five Directions”, by Cheryl Schwartz, DVM
    “Prince Wen Hue’s Cook, Chinese Dietary Therapy”, Bob Flaw and Honora Wolfe
    “Natural Health” by Jennifer Barrett July/ August 2005 edition pg. 70.

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    So sorry to read what you are going through with your beautiful boy, it's horrible having to watch someone you love so sick. I wish I could give some advice but I can only offer healing thoughts and strength. So glad Hooch has such a wonderful caring family.

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    I can't even think of anything to say. I'm gutted for you. Lots of hugs for Hooch, and even more for you - I can't imagine how you're coping with this. Please just know we're all thinking of you and your beautiful boy

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