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    Default walking dogs for $$

    Just curious, but has anyone ever been successful at the whole 'dog walking for extra cash' thing? Figured i need to get a bit fitter, need some extra $$ to pay some vet bills, and well, I am a real dog lover - so why not?

    What do you think, good idea or not? Any info is greatly appreciated - also, I am in the ACT region.

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    Hi BeauDog

    I know a few people who make money offering in home pet sitting ie they will make sure the dog(s) get fed everyday and check their water and if the owner pays a bit extra - take them for 30 minute walk or so.

    The main thing you need to decide about is what happens if something goes wrong... the dog escapes or gets attacked by another dog or has a go at you...

    And then this would involve liability insurance. Which is stupidly expensive. Because going to court is stupidly expensive. Not so much of a problem if you don't own anything worth much. Ie they get a stupid payout, you can't pay so you go bankrupt, end of debt - and big waste of time for them.

    But if I wanted to do this... I'd start with my neighbour's dog. And offer to give it a 30 minute walk for $ whatever you reckon.

    Personally I think I can make way more money umpiring hockey. There's already liability insurance in place because the competition people have that, and here one can make from $35 to $75 or even more depending what game you get to umpire - eg private school old scholars pay lots to get out of umpiring... All you need is to be able to deal with players and spectators who don't like your decisions.

    But you will get people who don't like your decisions about dog walking.

    I do see people walking 10 dogs at once, and that's illegal in South Australia (not more than 4 at a time) and has potential for much to go wrong ie if 10 dogs all pull in the same direction at one time - you haven't got much chance of holding them, depending how big they are. Pretty sure my dog can pull 4x her weight. Put 10 of them together and you've got 1000kg pulling power.

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