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Thread: Vets in the Hills District and Kemps Creek, West of Sydney

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    Default Vets in the Hills District and Kemps Creek, West of Sydney

    Could anyone recommend a great vet somewhere in the area Thornleigh, Pennant Hills, Cherrybrook, Dural, Castle Hill, Galston? Someone who is friendly, kind and charges reasonable fees?

    Also does anyone use the vets at the Animal Welfare League Kemps Creek? Are you happy with them?


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    Hi RosieA

    I've got no idea about vets in that area.

    I got my dog from AWL in South Australia - and they did a great job on her desex op. So I think they get a lot of practice and experience in a short period of time and would probably love to treat a dog that has a good home already. But I don't know anything about the AWL at Kemps Creek.

    If the AWL was less than 2 hours away from me - I'd probably continue to go out there but they're not so I go to closer vets.

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    Hi RosieA, Dr Murdoch at Pennant Hills vet has been praised by a few people. Link here: Pennant Hills Vet Hospital

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