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Thread: When to make the decision :(

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. I am overwhelmed with the kindness of complete strangers, it really restores my faith in humanity!

    As a family we have decided it's best for him to go while he still has some quality of life and we think that early next week is the best option.
    We are trying to organise a vet to come out to our house for us. It's going to be heartbreaking and I can't imagine life without him... he was my 5th birthday present, so I hardly remember a time in life without him but it's the kindest thing for him.

    And another picture of my lovely old man.

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    'dally24' - as I said before it is never easy ! Really pleased your whole family are together on this decision. It will make things somewhat easier.

    It is an excellent idea to get a vet come to your home. I have done this in the past with very good results and the pups were not stressed at all. They just thought someone was coming to visit them !

    We are all animal owners here on the forum and some of us have had to make this type of decision too many times in the past. It does not get any easier !

    But have a guess what we all do - we go find another animal to have in our lives - and it starts all over again ! They just don't last long enough - do they ?

    Thoughts and heaps of to you , your family and most importantly to your precious dally !

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