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Thread: Do you believe that dogs can love?

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    Yes,yes and then yes again.
    I believe dogs show a range of 'emotions' that some people just will not accept. I do.
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    Dogs do love us:

    Why your dog really DOES love you (and it's not just because of all the treats you give it!) | Mail Online

    Saving a child:

    Can Dogs Love? A True Story | Modern Dog magazine

    As ‘dhru’ said about endorphins being released by both dogs and humans – there is even a more powerful hormone that is released by both – and that is oxytocin. This is the hormone that allows close bonding between mothers and babies.

    What Is Your Dog Thinking? |


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    i believe dogs are equal as far as emotions to humans.
    they just live a more simpler life, yet a very controled one at that by the people that claim ownership over there life.
    when u have a good life with your dogs they will reflect that in how they present themselves to the world.
    userly when somesthings wrong "behaviour wise" then theres something not right in there how there life is or something has gone wrong for them.
    we all get confused about how to fix them, but never really stop to think, hang on a sec, why are they like this, they do think for themselves and have a brain.

    my favoirt line from a movie that imply's all animals are just humans that gave up the human form when all life went there different directions, when you start to think along tho's lines u start to wonder what the possibilitys are, and i think when you start to truly understand then you can truly treat them right and give them a life worth living.

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    of course dogs can love! your dogs will love you more then anyone in your whole entire life will. The excitement they get when you come home, the sadness they feel when you leave or when they get in trouble for something, the cuddles you get! INFACT I love my dogs more than anyone because they are more loyal, trustworthy and fun then any person ive ever met. I sound sad but its true

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    Another interesting article from a FB page:

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    lol yep i think dogs can love but funny thing is can birds love because our parrot we believe its gay because it loves my dad more than us and it says daddy im a gay bird , and yep im gay ,i love you daddy ,wolf wis then says hot hot hotty and no we did not teach him any of those words when we first got him my dad walk past his cage and all of a sudden pocko just wolf wis and yells "hot" hot " hotty at my dad and has been saying very silly stuff at him ever since XD
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    LOL love the story about the bird rube mc nugget.
    me and my brother learnt to swear because of a very vocal sulpha crested cockatoo that would repeat everything mum said in the kitchen when something went wrong... *giggles*

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