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    hi my name is rob i live in carnarvon western australia. For the past 18 months i have looked after rescue dogs waiting to be re homed, only lost one as he did not make the grade, this realy is the last chance saloon when i get them.

    So i have at the moment a bitch called lucy she is a cross breed, And no not sure of her breed she is a carnarvon dog. she is very affectionate yet extreemly timid until she gains your confidence then she is a different dog. The days are ticking by as despite me loving the dog she does not make the grade for re homeing (breaks my heart) so will get the needle.

    Can anyone give me some help /advice as to how to bolster her confidence. Curruntly she stays with me and my dog buddy (staffie) and no dramas. Just want her to be re homed and yes buddy is a rescue dog
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    Spamming the forum as a new member with multiple posts to my mind does not create a favorable impression.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Di, I think Rob has just stuffed up somehow and posted the same thread three times. I don't think he was deliberately spamming as such although it would be a good idea for Rob to delete the other two threads.

    Rob, there are some very experienced dog people/trainers/behaviourists here, so hang around and I'm sure you'll get a conversation going that could help you and your dog.

    Well done for your commitment to these unfortunate dogs!

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    Rob, does her timidity result in her being aggressive to humans or dogs because of her fear?

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    Sometimes a dog can be counter conditioned (trained to be less timid in this case)

    Sometimes they can't - it's too deep in their genetics.

    Personally - I'd always pick the friendly confident dog. Trying to re-train a timid shy fearful dog - can be really difficult.

    Possibly the best book I've seen on it has been "Control Unleased" by Leslie McDevitt which includes a section on training "reactive dogs" ie dogs that act aggressively towards other dogs, or humans or weird scary things they encounter. Like joggers in hoodies. The training is called "look at that" or "LAT" and there is is a parallel version of it called "behavioural adjustment training" or "BAT". If you google these you will find some instructions on how it works.

    Essentially you're trying to work at the edge of the dog's threshold - ie what ever the thing is that sets off the behaviour that you want to stop, be far enough away that the dog can still pay attention to you when you ask. On lead so you have control. And then reward calm behaviour or the behaviour you want - with the dog's favourite thing. For scardy dog - it might also be with what the dog perceives as safety ie moving further away. If the dog can act calm at this distance and respond to basic commands like "sit" or "drop" then you could reward by moving further away for a little while.

    And you'd want to break this up into very short sessions - two sets of five to ten reps to borrow gym body building terms. Ie you work on the edge - and after five to ten attempts at getting the dog to pay attention - then have a break and a play (further away), come back for another five attempts, then break it off for the day.

    If the dog is freaking out and completely unable to pay attention to you - you're too close. If the dog is quite upset - you're still too close.

    You could always take this one on as a "failed foster" or you might find the perfect household that can manage or avoid the triggers.

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