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Thread: Bandages tips and help... please

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    Default Bandages tips and help... please

    Hooch's necrosis opened gaping holes in his groin which have to be covered with bandages as they are just pouring and leaking everywhere.
    He is absolutely traumatised by the stickies. Everytime the vets replace the bandages they rip the skin a little and leave red everywhere they touch (they are using allevyn non adhesive pads and some coverall by BSN medical products which is supposed to be abit more gentle).
    He is refusing to walk now and crawl in a heart breaking way everywhere after we change the bandages until he forgets about it and then its time to replace.
    We tried doing it ourselves and put less sticky coverall but it just came off.
    HELP - give me some ideas to make it better for him. Nappies???

    As for the lump - no results for at least another few days. NIGHTMARE

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    'bunny-girl' - some suggestions/ideas for you.

    If you look at the photo in the link below – maybe you can fashion something like that from stuff at home. Sewing a bit of elastic to a ‘creation’ can make the world of difference in the fitting to the pup.

    Consumables :: Bandages :: Abdominal Bandages :: Abdominal bandage Small - 23 x 18cm - DLC Australia - Catalog

    I have used in the past – pantihose, undies, T-shirts and singlets - put the tail through the neck opening, tea-towels, towels that I have cut up and sanitary pads.

    You can get non-stick bandage:

    Coldflex Bandages: Buy Coldflex Bandages online at Horse Supplies Direct

    Vet Supplies Australia, Discount Pet Supplies Online Dogs Cats Birds Horses

    Good Luck and !

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    Thank you RileyJ !!

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    You poor things BG! I don't really have any suggestions but on the horses we use something called 'animal lintex', you can buy it from most pet stores. We use it as a poultice to suck out all the yucky stuff (not sure if this is safe for Hooch?) and it's very non-stick. We just fasten it on using those bandages that stick to themselves... Vetwrap / Vetrap cohesive bandage: Buy Vetwrap online at Horse Supplies Direct. Meika had a sore foot once so I wrapped it with these bandages, thinking it would only last a few hours but it lasted for a full 24hrs.. Even with her walking on it and probably chewing it.

    Good luck and thinking of you all!

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    'bunny-girl' - just a couple more for you:

    Boy/girl pup doesn't matter. I've used sanitary pads with them. They are basically easily wash and dry.

    and this one if you are handy at making stuff:

    Attachment 12376

    You could even use these with adjustments:

    6 Pack BRA'S Size L Pink Blue Purple Genie Style Bras | eBay

    How is Hooch going ?

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    We tried pads and nappies.. but it didnt go too well. I wish we could use the vetwrap as it sounds really good but where it is, it would be hard to do I think.
    He is just miserable, he is hiding in dark small places, he has this manic behaviour of crawling hysterically and licking his paws in a crazy manner (even when on painkillers)... he is a shadow of himself and it is SO hard to watch. It is like a different dog.
    I think I will be scarred for life by all this... and the worst is that its not anywhere near being resolved. The lesions are big, it will take a long time for the skin to regenerate.
    The original problem which is the mass inside - we still dont know what it is, no results yet so we havent even started treating it!! I am just so sick of all this!!!
    Here is a picture of where the lesion is. The redness around it is from the elastoplast the vet used a few days ago - it literally ripped his already pastulated skin. At least that is clearing nicely. Not that it makes him feel any better.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    'bunny-girl' - how is Hooch going ?

    Sorry - have no more ideas ! It is a really hard area to bandage.

    Any results yet ?

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    **edited** as the head vet is extremely helpful, I would not want to say bad things about her practice.
    Last edited by bunny-girl; 09-15-2013 at 10:54 PM.

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    oh BG, it is heart-breaking to read your post, I am so sorry that Hooch is a) not improving and b) you're being given no joy from Murdoch.

    If there is anything I could do or get you or help with, please let me know, I'm in Perth so we can't be too far away from each other xx

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    BG, please dont assume, that this level of trauma, for this duration = scarred for life. Dogs can smell attitude. And generally will let you get away with causing pain to them, from the minute you stop doing it!
    Ive nursed dogs, and had to cause them pain in removing imbedded bits n bobs. Draining boils, inducing vomit, rectal exam, vaginal exam. And still they bounce back, once all that makes their world rock, returns

    Dogs dont bear grudges, that's a human trait.

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