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    Has anyone used Bamganie Environmental Services Pty Ltd trading as Pets Cremation Service in VIC before?

    I have always been a bit suspicious of pet cremations businesses especially the ones the vet clinics use, how do we know they do what they promise on their websites & brochures and that they are respectful & gentile with our dearly loved pets?

    I am very worried that my dog will be mass cremated and I will not get her ashes back or she will be mixed up with another animal, and I would be none the wiser. I only want the best for my dog as she gave me the best 11years with her!!

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    Hi 'labrador' and to the forum. What a sad post to start with !

    I have had 2 of my pups cremated and my experience with the company in Qld that I used - was all good. You really can only go on your 'gut feeling' and recommendations from friends and your vet.

    Yes, there have been heaps of horror stories over the years with pet cremations – but if you look at the following link:

    About Pets Cremation Service - caring for your pet and our environment

    They say –
    We have an "open door" policy. For your peace of mind you may attend the cremation of your companion animal by appointment and take the ashes home with you.
    So why not take them up on this offer and see for yourself what they actually do.

    I also found this review for you:

    Pet Cremation Services, Lethbridge - Pet Funerals & Cremations

    Take care !

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    Hi Riley J,

    Thank you so much for caring & taking the time to reply to my post, It's much appreciated.

    I will consider & think about attending the cremation as I owe it to her to make sure she is treated with the kindness & respect she deserves.

    The links were helpful & it is reassuring to see reviews of other peoples personal experiences.

    Everyting is still so raw at the moment and I'm devestaed that I lost her so suddenly and unexpected & wish only the best for her.

    Thanks Again !

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