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Thread: Just been pulled in the lake lol

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    Default Just been pulled in the lake lol

    You know when you are not fully concentrating.
    When Brian has pulled you in the lake! straight of the edge up to my waste. Just one minute im walking, next im in the water with him.
    Shocking! and i thought revenge was in order. so got out with him, and pushed him in!
    Im not sure what school of dog training thought this might adhere to, but i got a LOT of pleasure out of it. Until i saw some woman watching us. Oops, not my best dog moment observed lol

    Ive taken him to be weighed.
    44.6kg on day of arrival
    now after 5 weeks weighs 42.6kg.
    He's supposed to be gaining weight!

    there's something to be said for pedigree chum kibble perhaps?

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    Sorry, but I have to laugh at that!
    At least he waited until Spring, could have been worse.

    When Snoopy was younger he used to chase ducks and
    swim around and around the dam. It would have gone on for
    hours (or until he drowned) so I had to jump in and catch him
    on 2 occasions in the middle of bloody Winter.

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    Very funny mental image! Especially the bit where you pushed Brian in. lol

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    This is great (sorry)!

    He probably enjoyed being pushed in, so it would be a win-win
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    Haha he must have been so happy that for once his mum was coming in the lake with him!

    I fell in a lake once, but I was trying to rescue my dog out of the water reeds. He fell in as a puppy because the whole surface was coated in algae and I guess as a pup it all looked the same and he didn't have the experience to question it. Anyway, it was funny at first until he started to get all tangled and then couldn't swim properly anymore. I was leaning over the bank to try reach him on my feet instead of my knees because the grass was muddy and I was in jeans. Anyway, next thing you know I was in the lake with him and nearly got tangled myself. Fun times...

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