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    Default Strange behaviour

    Hello all.

    Just a quick question.

    I have a kelpie cross GSHP (named Joe) that I rescued about 4 months ago (about 1 year old now).

    If a dog has hair standing up on its back, what does this usually mean?

    Fear? aggression? unsure?

    My dog seems to be displaying this when he hears sounds outside...and today he did it when he saw my neighbor (he was off leash)


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    Hi 'damiensmith47' - it really depends on what else your pup is doing when the hair on his back - along his spine is standing up. It could be all that you have suggested !

    Is he barking and growling ? What is his stance - looking afraid and unsure or very brave ?

    You really need to look at the whole dog and it's body language and the situation he is in to really work out what is going on.

    A bit more information would be helpful.

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