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Thread: Another lump <cry>

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    Sounds very scary for you. Yes Murdoch is excellent so he is in good hands. There is also another excellent specialist veterinary centre in Osborne Park with some state of the art equipment and very good specialists.

    I hope they get to the bottom of it soon, poor Hooch.

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    Your poor poor boy, I can't imagine how you're coping you poor thing. Thinking of you both, I so hope they can get this sorted

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    thank you so much for the support.
    we keep changing meds but he is still doing the same things...he is crying so much, crawling into dark small spaces, he can hardly walk so he does this weird crawling. only time he has abit of peace is when i scratch him, so ive been scratching him all night my hands are at the point of not functioning.
    i found out from being in murdoch twice a day every day that most vets work in both murdoch and osborne park - they rotate.
    we still have no results.. i hope that when results come it will not be too late

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    Oh bunny girl n hooch. Im so glad he has you as his owner. You are doing a fantastic job! Just because he's not improving, does NOT negate the fantastic job you are doing. And i know how gruelling/tiring nursing a sick dog can be.
    The emotional roller coaster you ride with your dog, as it writhes in pain and cries, is soul destroying.
    Give him a scratch from Bernie, Pohm and Brian and me.

    Sickness, threatening life sickness, is a tough place for all involved to be. Not just the dog.

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    I'm so sorry it's come to this. Poor Hooch, it must be awful for him. Look after yourself too

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