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Thread: Courier Mail... like people need more encouragement to breed

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    Default Courier Mail... like people need more encouragement to breed

    Good work Courier Mail for bringing more attention to "designer dogs" I am sure the Pet mill/pound puppies and dogs will thank them

    THEY have a moniker like an eccentric designer - and a price tag that can nip.

    From the Shepadoodle to the Silkyhuahua, meet the 'designer dogs' that are cropping up on the dog chain.

    While not new, the trend has gained such traction in the last decade that the RSPCA says that some hybrids - such as the traditional Labradoodle and Cavoodle - have become so prevalent that they are "basically recognised as another breed of dog".

    Pet Industry Association of Australia president Steve Austin said, anecdotally, more people are probably likely to buy a crossbreed dog than a pure-breed dog nowadays, with prices reaching up to $1500.

    Breeders have broadened the trend by combining dogs from most breeds.

    The quirky mashup names have dog-lovers cooing, such as the puggle (the result of a pug and beagle), the jug (the jack russell crossed with a pug), and the Peek-A-Poo (the Pekingese and poodle).

    Rachel Hinton, 26, of Woodridge, was given a pugalier (pug and cavalier) puppy a month ago and said her 18-month-old son Jack loved playing with his four-legged friend.

    A cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug comes up with a 'Jug'.
    A cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug comes up with a ‘Jug’. Source: Supplied
    "I've been told both those breeds are friendly, loving and great with kids, so to mix them together to get an obviously beautiful dog - and one with a good temperament. I think that is what makes them so popular as well because that they are so good with kids," she said.

    Ms Hinton thought the pugalier moniker was "cute" but admitted some people took the 'designer dog' trend "a little overboard".

    Megan Macdonald, 38, from Redland Bay, bred her first litter of 'Dashalier' puppies after her cavalier fell pregnant to a dachshund.

    "Because they are such nice dogs and the puppies have turned out so well, I actually want to breed them again," she said.

    Made fashionable by celebrities, RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty urged care when purchasing a hybrid.

    "The simple thing is to make certain that you never buy a dog without basically going to the premises where that dog is being bred and that is coming from a bona fide and humane, and ideally licensed, breeder," he said.

    "The only other thing is that of course you can be lucky and get the best points of both breeds, but then by the same token you could be unlucky and get the more difficult points of both breeds."

    No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    But it looks so simple? surely we can all have a go if its $1500 a pup, x 8...... oh yes, i could repay pohm's surgery fees in one litter!
    If i could just work out how to make pup's 'hatch', instead of being born. Id be there.

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    Irresponsible ignorant journalism at it's best....

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    I would love to go all Dexter on these people.

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    At least there's that comment from the RSPCA at the end...

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    All it was - was a fantastic marketing article by the pet s h op group starring P I AA !

    Just a follow on article from this one - really:

    Labor calls for crackdown on regional puppy farms | Toowoomba Chronicle

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