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Thread: Dogs squint and lift lips when being confronted

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    Default Dogs squint and lift lips when being confronted

    Any ideas of themotive/meaning? I have seen theories and have my own thoughts, but I wondered if any real dog whisperers have had a say about this.

    Thaqnks for any help

    Nick Peg n Benny (or is it Peg n Benny n Nick?)

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    Like this?

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    Are you looking at a Dalmation?

    They smile a lot - mostly when they're really pleased to see you and think you have treats or pats for them.

    Frosty does it a bit. I think she's imitating me.

    Some dogs (like the lab) do it as a Calming signal for the human. They're trying to calm you down and please you. Squinty eyes, licky lips, smiling, looking away...

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    I think the above posts answer it for 2 of my 3 dogs.
    the GSD, smiles to calm me, when he is in the dog house. Looks kinda goofy, a rare look for a GSD, so i melt. Which in turn reinforces his calming signals, so he repeats.
    Whereas, if the rottie or the bordeaux lip curl, its no calming signal lol

    I think you have to consider calming signals, but also know your dog. As my GSD ears can change all other body language. So ears odd, the one nearest the boss person, is lowered, and back, the ear on the other side is up. If me and my husband are either side, and talking to him. His ears respond like flags.
    his licking of lips, also is short, repetitive little lip licks for hubby, long large and yawny at me.
    same dog, different language toward different folks.

    so yeah, know your individual dog, well. To get the signals right.

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    Yeah the guilty dog video is the one that reminded me and prompted me to ask, Kristy.

    Hmmm. I would n ot call it a smile. I reckon calling it that is humanising a bit. It seems more submissive and the squinting a way to avoid eye contact.
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    Nick Peg n Benny (or is it Peg n Benny n Nick?)

    (nTess, forever in my heart)

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