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Thread: Vent - rude neighbours

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    Our neighbors have a little yap yap dog, the fence is right near our bedroom window so we can't get to sleep most nights and get woken before 6am every morning... He barks whenever he hears us walk IN OUR HOUSE, will bark whenever he sees our dogs in our yard and is especially annoying when I'm putting washing on the line. His owners do not care, there has been so many times where they've been in their yard with him, I've been in my yard and he's been barking his head off and they don't say a thing. A few weeks ago I had the cat outside with me and he was going ballistic, the owner said "be quiet! That's rude!" And I just said "the cat is with me so that's probably why".. They didn't say anything back and didnt try and shut him up after that... I never said the barking was okay, I just explained why he was. If we yell at him to be quiet, he barks more. It's awful. It's a 6ft wooden fence but he can see through the gaps.

    I must admit, I'm guilty of giving him a few sprays with the hose

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    Very "Game of Thrones" solution.

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    They have actually told us they can't really hear our dogs when we aren't home... I have been watching them very closely and they seem to be annoyed by the fact that the presence of our dogs sometimes makes theirs bark. Personally, I think if they want a pet that NEVER barks they should have got something other than a dog. I have been having lots of walks with mine to keep them tired out - given that we recently got three new dogs in our area which are all outside and bark a bit.

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