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‘Beloz’ – sorry – no – I didn’t misinterpret the topic - the topic of the thread was:

‘Should there be a law that dogs must be on lead in public ?’

There are laws all around Australia stating that dogs must be on lead in public – unless otherwise stipulated.

I put up heaps of links with my previous post – that is if people could be bothered to read – that explained how these specific laws in Australia are made and who it affects. Just because a particular council does not enforce specific laws – it does not mean that residents in that State are not affected by State Laws.

I would hope from my previous post/s – it should be very obvious that I agree with a law that says that all dogs should be on lead when out in public unless otherwise stated by legislation. As I don’t go to off-lead parks – Riley is always on lead when we are walking around the place – outside of my yard.

Whether I agree with certain laws or not – really is a non-event for me. I abide by the laws of the council/state/country that I live in. I just happen to agree with this particular law.

I get really tired of people who like to think that they are above the law and enjoy being civilly disobedient. The problem is that it is not only them that are affected.

Training dogs – just look on the internet to see all these wonderful ways to train dogs. How many are successful ? Really - does the ‘ordinary run of the mill pet owner’ give a damn – or could be bothered ! The only time they take any notice is if they are fined or their dog is taken off them for breaches of legislation.

Really – well this thread proves what ?

I don't follow all your links because I wouldn't have time for anything else.

What on earth do leash laws and someone stealing a dog from in front of the shops have to do with eachother??? That's a pretty long jump.

The only really relevant bit in your response was that you agree with the leash laws. Good. That's what this is about. And I don't.

Lots of dog-related laws are short-sighted and often plain idiotic. I want something better, like the European law Margoo mentions. A dog owner licence. More regulation, but with a lot more common sense and a better outcome for dogs and dog owners.