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Thread: Help, Bo's starting to get distructive

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    Rebel actually only chewed a couple of plants (old dying ones anyway) but he LOVES chewing on old sticks - I constantly find sticks chewed to pieces out the back (there's usually stashes of them from the bird cages). I've fenced the dogs off from the lawn as there's no lawn left, just weeds, so they'll have to do without (at least until it grows back). You could always try blocking it off - there are only two entry points to my lawn for my dogs, and they can't get past either of them. Unfortunate for Bonnie cos she's not to blame, but she'll just have to wear it while Rebel learns not to be an as*hole about digging. He's getting better - he only digs to create a bed thing near the gate now. Not on the front lawn or anything.

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    Well his starting to get a little better, still eating his kennel though. I've been giving him some more challenging toys during the day, including freezing his kong (which he some how manages to clean it out in 20mins, I also just got him a genius kong but haven't tried him with it yet.

    Thought I'd share some pics from my spy cams. I have know idea how Bo gets in Minnie's kennel but they spend most of their day sleeping in there. Also notice the bite marks around the kennel.

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