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Thread: shove yr hand in the food bowl while dog eating???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalacreek View Post
    My current pup is a terror with picking up innapropriate items and I have had to fish things out of her mouth.
    Abe is one of those pups too, he picks up anything and everything. I've been fishing around in that big gob since I got him, thank goodness he's getting a little better now

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    I'm always taking things out of my dog's mouth. I can put my fingers right in and feel around for the contraband (peg, chop bone, chicken bone...). I always try to follow up with a yummy something she can have for letting me do that.

    If she ever growls at me (or anyone or dog else), we get to play lots of food trading games until she gets over herself.

    I also stop her (usually by grabbing the collar) but sometimes by sticking my hand under her chin and lifting... from stealing stuff. Ie sometimes she thinks I've forgotten I've left her in a "stay" in front of something yummy to eat so she decides to start without permission. I always pull her off the food when this happens. If I've given her permission to eat, I never pull her off it. Well only if I've got something better that I want her to have (like licking the cream lid).

    However. I would not let a child put their hand into her bowl or tease her about food. Or poke her in the face (or attempt to poke her in the eyes). Children are a tad unpredictable...

    I don't think resource guarding is ok. And I do what I can to stop my dog from doing it. Hardest time is when the resource she's guarding is me.

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    I don't put my hand into Riley's bowl or mouth, but I do pat him while he's eating to let him know that I can touch him, etc (which at first he was weary of, but now knows that I'm not gonna try to steal his food)... And when I want and need to I can and do shoo him out of the way to access his food, if I need to interfere.
    Also if he's not that interested in his dog biscuit treat, I play with him (by mildly teasing him that he's not going to get to eat it) until he does want it.

    As a child, my aunt taught me a very important lesson, by telling me this story:

    She knew these people who had rescued a horse from an abusive owner, and whenever the kids or anyone else in their family tried to feed it, it would become violent, thinking that they were going to steal it's food. (Apparently the previous owner was not only neglectful, but also cruel in this way.)

    She then told me that it's important to always treat animals with respect while eating (because they are naturally protective of their food), but to make sure that you are also in charge and the boss of not only them but whatever situation you are in (the latter wasn't part of the original story, but just a general rule when dealing with horses which applies to every pet situation).

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    I am like most here.
    My dogs are isolated, feed out of 2 communal trays, don't fight over food. No one visiting tries to go near them, they could though.

    The only reason I trained them to let me take food or a bone out of their mouths is for safety or medical I can if I have to. Three of them are nearly 4 years old now and there have been no emergencies and I only have to do it if one smuggles a bone inside to chomp on. They know this is a no no so I take it and throw it out the door. If they want to go out to it then they can as long as it is not 2am and I don't want to wait till they are done and they pound on the door to come back in. I am a very well trained door bitch.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Like Beloz mentioned, my kids have been raised on dog food, from dog bowls. Dogs must be nice about this, and are.
    We play games of swap that bit of crap food in your bowl, for this piece of meat in my hand?

    I handle my dogs a lot. But nowhere near as much as my kids did. They are trained to accept me doing anything to them, kids doing anything to them.
    My dogs when the kids were small, could eat their dinner, whilst my daughter would "seize the day" or moment of stillness, to colour her in with felt tips and dress her up. So pretty bomb proof.

    Our bitch Pohm, and my first ever female dog is different. She makes growl noise like thunder if another dog tries to take her bone, but doesn't bat an eyelid if we do.
    On fresh new bone day, no dog is allowed cept her, on one side of deck, all dogs must leave her in peace, give one bone to each dog, within 15 mins, she has all 3 round her side of house. But has abandoned the 2 day old bones which now are the property of the other 2.
    I dont try to change this behaviour. As it would be like trying to push a snow ball uphill in hell.

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    None of my dogs have ever minded me taking bones from their mouth or food from their bowl. Thinking about it I dont train that specifically but I do train them and handle them a lot. I never swop anything with them, I just simply dont tolerate crap over the food bowl or bone and they know it. If they want to be fed they better behave. However it never comes to that because they trust me.

    I also try to pick dogs from lines with solid temperaments. With rescues I am also fairly careful in my choices, I will take a dog that is a handful but avoid any with obvious or what I consider potential human aggression issues.

    I dont mind if my dogs warn each other off their bones or food, and they all respect each other. I have a BC bitch a bit like Pohm, and she is all noise to the other dogs but my old matriarch could take the bone of her if she chose too despite the noise. She also gives up the bone to me without batting an eyelid.

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