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    Hi Guys im sorry if i have posted this in the wrong section i just joined and i looked for like a dog Q A section but didnt see anything.

    Well I have a 2yo staffy that i have had now for about 5 weeks and i also have a cat and they get along really well, they walk past eachother have a sniff you know no issues with eachother at all.

    Until yesterday I came home from a dog park and the dog walked straight past the cat fine and i gave my dog a bone outside and she loves bones. She then stopped what she was doin put the bone down walked in pretty fast went around a corner to have a real go at the cat and my cat was no where in the dogs sight i dont know why this is happening.

    Same thing this morning walked straight past each other then for some reason the dog gets bothered with the cat and wants to have a go.

    Has anyone experienced this before and know why this is happening?

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    Hello Staffy101,
    First I'll say i'm no expert, This is only my oppinion. If all was fine, maybe the cat did something you didn't see. As most staffy's normaly don't start a fight but will gladly finsh it. Or a jealousy thing on both parts. Sorry i couldn't help more, maybe other here can give you better advice.

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    I have a staffy cross and she is very territorial.

    Perhaps with the food around your staffy felt like it needed to protect it from the cat.

    Like the PP, I am no expert, I only know that when food is involved, my beautiful girl can go from being very placid to downright bitchy.

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    Thanks for the reply i was thinking that but what got me questioning this behavour was the cat was inside out of sight and has been everytime this happens the dog literally just drops what she is doin to find him and go for him this doesnt last long though when the cat goes out of reach its over.

    can cats secreat a sent or a sound that the dog doesnt like or something?
    really confusing cause i love my animals and i dont want to find my cat eaten one day

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    I think maybe dreaming is right, It's about food. Do you know if your staffy has been around cat's before?

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    I'd say the cat is the only competition. When your Staffy has something she really treaures, she thinks about that and goes to make sure the cat isn't going to steal it. It wouldn't matter if the cat is in sight, she knows that the cat is part of the family dynamic, and the concern is still there for her even if the cat is out of view.

    Best think I can think of, is make somewhere for her to have her bones that she feels safe - just a crate or small pen, she really only needs a spot that she feels secure with her treasured bone so she doesn't suddenly fear the cat competing with her for it. It is like the equivalent of a den, her own safe plae. She may use it less and less as she lives for longer with the cat and slowly realises that the cat really isn't interested in her bone. I think she loves her bones so much that she can't imagine how the cat wouldn't want to come get them!

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    Ok thanks for the help people i guess i havnt worded my concern properly.
    The dog with the bone was only one instant that cat drink out of the dogs water with the dog and they have food together and the dog always eats bones right next to the cat they are great together thats why it was so weird.
    That was one time every other time after that was just in general and no food involved at all hense my concern.
    Any feedback on that would be great.

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    Hi there
    I'm no expert either, but in my opinion it's a authority/ top dog issue which is quite normal. Your staffy bullies the cat once in a while to remind him he's boss. My staffy Misi was similar when I got my pup Lola. One day they'd be fine and the next day Misi would be a bully and try to pick a fight. At that stage Lola would roll over and lay there. Now that she's older, she sticks up for herself and she also knows that Misi is the boss.
    Are you treating your Staffy as 'top dog'? Does he get food/treats before the cat, greetings/cuddles before the cat. Sometimes they're jeleous over things we don't even see. You might have given the cat attention/ cuddles that your Staffy didn't agree with, so the poor cat gets a slap for it after lol.
    They can be so weird/funny... My girls get jeleous over affection but whenever Lola sits on my lap she gets a bashing (not too serious) from Misi.
    Oh, and don't forget, 5 weeks is not that long. Your boy is still getting used to his new home, he might be feeling a bit cocky and testing things. I would let them deal with it but watch them. Intervene if they get too rough.
    He's doing so well to get along with the cat for most of the time

    Good luck!

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