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Thread: new puppy mill legislation QLD

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    Default new puppy mill legislation QLD

    promised by last qld gov but voted out before complete, new gov announced today they will finish the legislation. mentioned 100 known puppy mills in QLD? it was a radio report anyone know the details or have a link??

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    I read in Bundys News mail that Campbell Newman said ......(retyped thanks to thier non existant stupid website sorry)

    But Premier Campbell Newman said he did not think there was a need for specific laws. "The best way of stamping out puppy farms is for people to only buy pup from accreditied industry pet shops" he said.
    "Anybody who i operating a inhumane puppy farm right now, if they're reprted, I can assure people we will go after them".

    Sounds to me like they wont do stuff all....

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    'muttboy' - can only help you with the following:

    This link from 2012:

    New laws target Queensland puppy farms |

    Maybe this one will help you 'Sean' - August 2013

    Labor calls for crackdown on regional puppy farms | Toowoomba Chronicle

    Also not impressed with this comment from the article:

    But Premier Campbell Newman said he did not think there was a need for specific laws.
    He said Queensland already had tough animal protection laws.
    "The best way of stamping out puppy farms is for people to only buy puppies from accredited industry pet shops," he said.
    But did somewhat redeem himself with this comment:

    "Anybody who is operating an inhumane puppy farm right now, if they're reported, I can assure people we will go after them."
    So really - which 'puppy farms' ? - only the ones that do not supply the 'accredited industry pet shops' - or all of them ?

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    There's a really detailed working paper or something about what they want to do in QLD linked to the dept primary industries website... I won't link here because they keep changing it. But it would apply to all dog breeders - or all dog breeders for profit or something.

    NSW already has one. It works as well as they enforce it. Ie not much at the moment. There are still unmicrochipped puppies being sold when that's not legal and it would be so easy to enforce - across QLD, NSW and Vic.

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    So - some more information for this topic.

    Now - what sort of organisation would seek pet shops to join their organisation for them to be classed as a ‘credited industry pet shop’ – the following of course ?

    PIAA - Home

    Obviously then - this organisation needs someone credible as president:

    Steve Austin - Elite Dog Trainer - Elite Australian Dog Trainer.

    Steve Austin – Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) President

    Then - all this organisation needs is another organisation to pick up the pieces:

    The RSPCA & puppy farmers get cozy
    So will anything change ? You be the judge ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    thanks for links, i am more confused by them than when i didn't know about them. sounds like it was just a tough sounding media grab?? my money is the only inspections and such will take place with breeders that are paying all their fees and doing the right thing?

    what the hey, pet shops??? they are the first to source their dogs from puppy mills????

    steve austin elite trainer??

    my local dog club organised a bus trip to brisbane town hall to hear from this premier elite trainer - they thought it was going to be a doggy spectacular event, apparently the guy just talked a whole bunch of popular theory and did not have a single dog to display or demo??

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